You Are Everything

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There is a dream unfolding now, beloveds.

It is the dream of everything being part of everything else.

What is sky?  What is water?  What is light?

The difference between 'above' and 'below' is diminishing.

In this dream we are together as One.

Nothing is apart, nothing is separate...

...not because we cannot see others, but because

they feel different.

A new language is needed for this,

a new meaning for the word 'me'.

I look at the sky and I see you everywhere.

I look at you, and I see myself in you.

It is a floating world, suspended in time and space

but of the timeless, of the spaceless.

We are particles passing through time,

light beams traveling through space.

No longer 'solid', but filled with the energy

of the Universe.

Only the One is here.

Only the Life that pulses through every flower

and every cloud and every body.

We thought, in past dreams, that we were alone.

But now it is clear, there is no alone.

I and you are part of everything.

One life.  One light.  One Breath of the Divine.

We have left the illusion of the ages behind,

and observe that all exists in beauty, in holiness... the everpresent light of God.





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