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Blessed is this moment and this hour of God's life,

for all is held in God's loving embrace.

None are alone.  None are forgotten.

Even the blades of grass know themselves to be held

in eternal remembrance.

See the trees beckoning on the hill.

They are conscious.  They are aware.

They breathe out life to the air,

bestowing their blessings for all to receive.

The birds call out with love to God, to each other,

to your soul.

All of Creation is singing.  All is holy.

All is held in the oneness of the One.

Do not think because you have wandered far

on your journey of discovery

that your innermost wishes are not known,

that your innermost longings are not known.

They are known, and held, and cherished within

the heart of God that holds all longing within itself,

that holds all suffering within itself,

that holds All within itself.

Your unfulfilled dreams are events waiting to happen.

The pain that you cannot yet shed is held

in the Heart that holds joy and pain together.

You are known, completely known,

embraced for all time by the eternal Love

that holds you and that seeks to comfort you

while you wait for comfort.

In this holy moment, your prayers reach up to Heaven.

Your heart touches the Heart of the One who holds all.

Your needs are understood without asking.

Blessed is this moment and this hour of God's life.

You are part of it.  You are in it.

It is in you as your deepest self.

May all feel upheld.

May all feel comforted.

May all feel blessed.

May the one Life and the one Breath fill all

the spaces of the heart that has awaited it.



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