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Revelation - and all things shall be made new...

Behold, new life is arising within you now.

A new day is being born.

All pain of the past is being dissolved in the light

of this new day,

as the present frees itself from what has been.

The light of your soul is descending now

and you may travel more lightly,

unencumbered by the mistakes that were part

of previous lives,

unencumbered by fear.

The new spaciousness within you

may be accompanied by growing pains

as the golden heart of life

begins to pusate through each and every

part of your being.

Allow this spaciousness to rest

within your heart.

Welcome it, even if you are in difficulty.

For your heart can feel pain and yet know

that it is one with the Divine heart of love.

Look around you,

the trees are awakening and sparkle to

the light of a new sun.

The hearts of all are being opened and uplifted.

A voice within you may say:

"How can I bear such beauty?"

Or, it may say,

"How can I trust that life is good and that all

is held in the Divine embrace of Love?"

The heart that is not used to beauty

must learn to accept it within itself.

The heart that is not used to trust

must also learn that all of life is trustworthy,

even the obstacles.

No matter what your outer circumstance,

a new life is arising within you.

This is what you have chosen,

and this is what shall be.

The 'you' that will be is unknown

to the 'you' that is here.

It is more than you have imagined.

It is more than you have hoped for.

Now, the time of discovery begins.

The chains that have bound you are dissolving

in the light of a new sun.

Let the old go, for what was not possible before

is coming into being.

Say to your heart,

"I am One with the new life within me.

It is not a foreign life.

It is my own Divine life that I have waited for."

Even now, even in the midst of struggle or pain,

this new life is beginning.

Look for it, for it is there.

As all things are being made new.


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