The Foundation of Wholeness

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Beloved ones, you are each connected to an

inner Source of peace, love, and safety.

This is your Divine inheritance.

Yet, fear and self-protection can conceal this Source,

covering the truth of your Divine birthright.

Because of this, many feel they need others in

ways that are not true yet that feel true.

They find it hard to trust themselves or believe

in themselves except through the validation of another.

Beloveds, need and love are not the same thing.

Love is out-flowing.  Need is in-taking.

In loving, one gives and shares.

In needing, one asks to receive.

This is the history of much disappointment in human

relationships, fueled by a feeling of incompleteness

and separation from the Source of one's being.

The prevailing view of self that many live with is that

of lack - the view that someone else must complete

you.  This is not true.

You are whole and complete in every way, and from

that completeness may join with others not in need,

but in love.

You may enter the Oneness of life and share love

with each soul.

Joining is not the same as needing.

It is an act of love in which two or more experience

the soul-level of their being and know that they

are One.

Joining can take place to different degrees, yet each

experience is one of love and beauty.

To distinguish between love and lack

and to choose love liberates your true freedom.

Forgetting this freedom has been the source of great

pain within human experience.

It has caused loneliness, feelings of failure, isolation,

and judgment.

It has caused the self to feel small and insignificant,

forgetting its original magnificence.


Forgetting of the deeper truth has occupied much

of human history.

As a result, the source of peace was sought but could

not be found.

The separated self looked everywhere for it and ended up

making war in order to find peace.

Today, a new day is dawning.

The light of your being is shining more brightly,

clarifying and purifying all.

Let the light envelop you.

Release all blame and judgment toward self or others

and become one with the love within you.

Relationships become more loving and sacred

as each one connects with their own inner Source

of love and discovers there is no lack.

Courage is needed to let go of the past and to

receive the gift of the present, yet it is why you are

here on the Earth at this time.

Do not judge yourself if you have difficulty accepting

such a precious gift of awareness.

The time of limitation has been long, creating beliefs

that are not real yet that seem real.

Instead, forgive yourself as you strive to forgive others.

Forgiveness of self is often harder, but the

Source of love within you can make it possible.

Forgive yourself all that you have done or left undone

as a result of forgetting your own wholeness.

Leave the past behind and embrace the present.

The point of choice is in the present.

Remember who you are with each breath you take.

Remember who you are with each word you speak.

Remember who you are with each thought you think,

and know that you can make a choice about

how you wish to live.

The brightness of your being has never left you.

Claim your birthright, beloved one, and become whole.

You are the one you have been waiting for.



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