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Sacred relationships are based on devotion - on seeing God within Creation and wanting to serve all of life.

This desire to support, heal, love, and uphold others because they are part of God and carry a seed of divinity within is what lies at the root of a sacred relationship.

Such a desire comes from the heart which perceives

an invisible truth behind the visible aspect of life. 

It does not come from knowing details about another, nor

from the length of time spent with another.

It does not come from considering the other a personal

friend nor from their being part of one's family.

A sacred relationship comes from the recognition of

another as a soul.

To have a sacred relationship is to be a friend of the soul of another.  It is to see the other as a soul and to meet the other as a soul.

Most relationships in life are not established in this

way.  Most are based on personal preference that links

one personality with another.  This is a more limited way

of perceiving others.

Relating through the personality is based on a level

of consciousness that has not yet achieved a certain spiritual depth.  As a result, the external 'face' of another is accepted as who they are.

When we view others in this way, we do not see who they

are meant to be or who they will eventually become.

We see them in terms of who they believe themselves to be.

This is the most common form of relating today that will one day become something else.  For it is not the truest

way for us to know another.  It is not a friendship of the soul.

To experience a friendship of the soul, one must have the

desire to do so. 

One must desire a love beyond need, a purer love that seeks the true essence of others.

Love such as this seeks to give to others and to participate

in God's love for Creation.  It does not seek another's company in order to fill holes within the self or empty places within another.

Such pure love blossoms in the absence of need

and allows us to experience the other as a beloved

When the heart is open, meetings with beloveds can

happen anywhere and everywhere, for they depned

on 'essence' alone, not on external intormation.

Yet, how is it possible to be with others beyond need?

This can only take place when two who strive for a

greater love are centered in God and seek wholeness

within themselves, rather than making it dependent upon someone else.

In a sacred relationship, the desire for healing and wholeness

is met through the Divine within at times of need.

This replaces projection and distortion with self-insight

and knowledge.

One of the primary foundations for a sacred relationship is the ability to accept the other as they are now, yet simultaneously to be able to see beyond this to who they might become.

If our need of another is great, we will not be able to see the other as they are now because our wishes for how they should be will get in the way.  Our clarity will be limited by our needs and fears.

To see clearly, to love freely, is a matter of learning

to draw from the well of our inner being in order to find nourishment and love.

This defines the nature of a sacred relationship and the

nature of a sacred human.

A sacred human seeks to radiate blessing to the world and to participate in the life of the planet.

This is a life in which the consciousness of one is offered to the consciousness of another so that humanity can be changed, one by one.

Out of this intention, life becomes transformed so that it is no longer a personal life that we live but a universal life - one that seeks to give to all and to share love with all. 

Such a life is wedded to the goal of happiness and healing

for an entire planet.

As we strive to meet others in this way, we assist in their becoming so that each may recognize the truth within.  We

also assist in the birth of a planet.

May we each become able to give wings and light to what

has been heavy or covered over in others, so that the

heart of the other may feel its lightness and be set free

to fly. 

Blessed is this time of spiritual awakening.

May all come to recognize their oneness as souls and open to the great beauty of a reality in which no one is alone.



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