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Holy, holy is the day and the moment.

Each moment is filled with God’s life.

You are invited, beloved, to share that life,

to surrender ‘me’ and ‘mine,’ and embrace

the One that flows through all.

All that is human within you has grown up

in the sphere of duality,

the spiritual separated from the physical,

the deepest heart separated from the mind.

Now, you are being called to sanctify

every aspect of that separated life,

to make your choices, God’s choices…

to make your purposes God’s purpose.

All of life awaits you in the sacredness

of the present moment…

See into the heart of Life and recognize what is there -

the unity of Creator and Creation,

the essence of holiness, the heart of beauty.



Behold, beloveds, a mighty River of Life

runs through all things,

more beautiful and more sacred

than anything the mind can imagine.

The River is Life itself,

its source is the fountain of God,

its outlet, the sea of Creation.

The River infuses life without end,

making all holy, blessing all with love. 

It conveys joy to the heart,

and causes all things to flourish.

The River of Life is the source of beauty,

the source of sacredness,

the source of truth.

The sacred River is Eternal.

It flows from God into each and every heart.

It bestows life and grace on all creatures.

It blesses the Earth and sanctifies her being.

It’s sacred pathway pulses into every cell

of every living thing.

It is the Breath behind each breath.

The radiant Light that fuels the sun itself.

It is called many things -

the source of life, the source of hope.

Look with holy eyes,

eyes that wish to see only God everywhere,

and you will see it –

you will feel the Life within life.

Seek to embrace the world with infinite love,

and you will find that same love existing within

the Heart of life.

Seek the holy and you will feel

God’s Divine Presence on the Earth.

Sanctify everything, and you will feel

that same Presence within yourself.

Let go of the old reality of two worlds.

The planes are joining now,

and all is being made holy.

The cells of your body are becoming

sanctified by light.

The ground that you walk on is holy.

A new world is arriving of greater truth

and greater beauty.

Celebrate this unknown world and do not fear it,

for the unknown is known to God and to your soul.

The hosts of light welcome you, beloveds,

The very earth beneath your feet

expresses gratitude and joy.

Sanctify all things and rejoice,

for a new and holy Earth is being born.






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