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Come with me, my love,

and I will show you a world that we may live in,

a world of beauty, spirit, and truth.

Let us leave behind all that limits us

and makes us smaller,

and exist in love within our larger being.

There is a larger life that we can share, beloved.

Here, there is peace, and the desire to give

to each other.

Here, there is also the desire to love and serve God,

for God flows between us

as streams merge to form a river.

Let us share in this desire, beloved,

that we may together bring all that is good

and beautiful to each other and to life.

Together, we are more than each could be alone,

more than our hearts could imagine alone,

for we are joined in holy purpose.

Let us love each other splendidly, then,

with a wholeness of heart

that is part of the Divine heart within us.

Here, in my heart, I will nourish you with my love,

and give to you from the well of tenderness within me,

that you may become all that you are meant to be…

…all that your deepest heart wishes you to be.

Beloved, there is an infinity of grace for us to share.

We are as free as the wind is free,

and as the sun is free,

to bless and to love forever.

Oh, my love, come share this beauty with me

that together we may become One Heart,

One Love,

One Self,

united in the Divine that we are.

My heart blesses you,

and is grateful for you,

and seeks to love you always,

that we may live and be as One, forever.

Blessed be the love that lasts into Eternity.




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