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Beloved children of the One,

the heart longs for the completeness of love,

It knows not where to look for it.

It seeks this completeness in the playgrounds of love,

in the intimacy of love,

in the passion of love.

It looks everywhere for the true companion of its heart.

When it does not find the Beloved,

it yearns, it seeks, and feels lonely.

The heart sheds tears, some outward,

some that only God can see when it feels lonely.

These tears are a calling –

a reaching out silently or with words

to find what it is longing for.

Much time must go by, beloved ones,

before the soul knows that it is looking for the One

that it has always looked for…

the One that is the source of its completeness.

the Beloved that can offer

what the heart most deeply yearns for.

The heart longs for this joining.

It waits for countless lifetimes to reunite

with the Beloved One.

It sighs, inwardly, thinking of it as a dream,

not a reality.

As it waits, it becomes more and more ready

to give itself to love, more and more desiring of love.

Through pain and trial and joy, it learns more of what love is.

Now, the yearning heart begins to seek the forever waiting

Heart of the Divine.

It does not need to know how to find the Divine Heart.

It only needs to long for it.

So beings the reunion of the human heart

with the Heart of the Divine.

Tenderly, the heart reaches out.  Gratefully, it seeks the touch of the One that it has waited for.

Here, in this love, there are no conditions, no partiality.

The soul, in love's embrace, feels complete.

In love's embrace, it finds itself for the first time.

Thus, begins a new life on Earth for the soul.

No longer bereft.  No longer separate.

It recognizes its oneness with the One.

It feels the love at the heart of life.

No matter where it is, it is home.




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