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This video is for all who desire to become free of ego and of fear and to live more gracefully in the Unknown.  Surrender and trust are the way to the future and those who can trust are the wayshowers.



We sail upon the open seas, our sails filled with wind.

The wind moves us, guiding our passage,

at times gently, at times with great intensity.

We move upon the surface of the water,

the wind blows,

why, and wherefore, is hard to say.

To become one with the wind,

to move gracefully with it,

we must give up forcing and ALLOW…

What is it ‘to allow’?

To know I am myself, yet part of the wind.

I dance, I bend, I sway with the currents that

move through time and space.

I am a tall sail, flexible and strong…

I am a white cloud floating…

I am moved by the water and wind yet remain myself.

I Am indestructible.  I Am eternal.

Currents move me, wind blows me here and there.

I am soft, I am pliant, I am One with all.

My soul is in the wind, it does not force me.

My heart is with the current, it does not oppose me.

I am not compelled.  I am not forced.

I allow.


The stormy seas do not change me,

for I am strong in my yielding.

I am pliable, therefore I do not break.

The fearsome waves do not threaten me,

for I can sink and rise again,

I am light, I am buoyant.  I ride the waves.

My soul rejoices in the beauty of the journey.

My heart is at ease.

My heart rejoices in the flow of life. 

My spirit is at peace.

There is no fear in letting go,

for I let go into the wind.

I let go into the light that informs all things.

I let go into the truth of my eternal being.

All that has been learned of fear can be un-learned.

A new learning can take its place –

that of the wind and the sail in all things.

All of life supports the letting go in trust,

for this is the way of harmony and of peace.

You who walk the path of trust are the wayshowers,

You have come here to bring healing to the Earth.

May all be blessed.



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