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The call of the sea is a call to the soul

to witness the infinite in time,

to feel eternity in the moment.

The waves press toward the shore,

yearning to reach it, as souls yearn to reach

their own place of rest.

Who can say how many lifetimes a soul has lived,

always pressing forward to reach the destination…

Each drop in the ocean,

traveling with the rest,

bound to the others in an infinity of grace.

The Sea is the mother of life,

the great ocean of beginnings.

We are held in her embrace whether

near to her body or not.

For the oceans and seas of the world

are but part of that great Ocean

from which life was called forth.

As it was in the beginning,

wave upon wave of streaming light

emanating from the holy center of the One…

The great Mother-Father Creator of Life

generates and brings forth all things.

This Source of Life calls to all souls ceaselessly.

It calls from the Ocean.

It calls from the depths within each soul…

The soul listens, as the shore listens for the

waves that fall upon it.

The shore is shaped by these waves,

without which it would not be.

Wave and shore, Creator and Creation. 

The infinite and the finite.


May the peace of the great Ocean rest within you.




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