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May light be victorious, may darkness be dispelled,

May God's plan for the Earth be fulfilled.

Now, in this holy hour, may all come to recognize

their oneness with each other,

with the trees and plants, with all of life.

Long has the Earth waited for the light to transform it.

Long have hearts waited for the hope that can lift them.

May it be now.

Now, the Earth breathes a sign of relief.

New life has begun.

May all that opposes light be dispelled.

May the light of truth arise.

May all that separates release its hold.

May only love remain.

Sanctified and holy is this Divine ordination -

that souls shall come to know God

and their oneness with each other.

May harmony emerge from the divine Essence within each.

May peace come to the Earth at last.

May love awaken.

May fear be dissolved in the light of oneness.

May light be victorious.

May all that is not that be dispelled.

May it be now.

Here, in the one Heart, may all find rest.

May all find peace.

Here, in the one Heart, may souls find their true home.

Beyond division, beyond all but love,

may the one Heart remain within all.



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