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Look around you, the entire world is waking up.

Your heart is hearing the call as well,

even if the rest of you is still sleeping.

You may not be familiar with the sound.

It is very gentle. 

It is God calling.

There is a movement growing that is life-expanding.

It is gaining momentum,

asking you to become more real,

asking you to not deny any part of yourself,

but to see and know it all.

You are a multidimensional being,

and the other parts of you are

drawing nearer to the physical.

You are being asked to join your present reality

with the larger reality -

to become one with yourself and God.

It may be that feeling real has been difficult.

It may be that you do not know who you are.

Consider this, then: 

You are becoming who you have always been -

unknown to yourself -

a magnificent being, much larger

than you thought you were.

This is not happening through your conscious mind.

It is happening through the light that is in you

that IS you.

Your mind may be dealing with very practical matters.

It may be busy with things of import.

But that is not where the shift is happening.

A part of you that has been asleep for a long time

is finding its way into physical life.

It is disturbing your equilibrium, re-routing your energy.

Sometimes it is disturbing the equilibrium of

your body and making things more difficult.

Your conscious mind may not know this.

Yet, your body and emotions may be

feeling things that they have not felt before.

New things.  Surprising things.

This is the adaptation to the new, taking place in

body, mind, and heart.

You are becoming a being of light.


Embrace this time.  Do not be afraid of it.

Do not believe that it is not real.

For in every cell of every body the new energy

of light is replacing what was.

The plants are moving to a different internal rhythm.

The animals are becoming more sensitive and aware.

The emotional life of all beings is awakening

to what has been hidden from the conscious self,

and beneath the emotional,

to the deeper truth of the Divine within.

Ordained before time began,

prophecied through the ages,

anticipated by all who sought a better life,

this is the time of awakening,

of purification and renewal on all levels of being.

Pain is not yet gone,

and hardship still remains,

but there is healing in the air now, and all beings

that draw breath are being healed.

May all hearts awaken to the new reality

that is being born.

Wipe the sleep from your eyes and let

your heart rejoice,

for no matter what you are feeling, this new

reality includes you.  It IS you.

Dare to hope.  Dare to trust.

Dare to be who you are.

Be blessed.




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