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8.3.17 AUM Opening Watch on Vimeo
A New America - Return of the Sacred Watch on Vimeo
A new America is emerging based on trust in the Divine and a return to the sacred values of love and unity. This is America's gift to the future, largely invisible now, but ordained by Divine intention.
A New Earth Watch on Vimeo
A new and sacred Earth is coming into being now, illuminated by divine light, the body of the Mother. All inhabitants of the Earth are being transformed.
A New Kind of Freedom Watch on Vimeo
We have entered a time in which it is very important to know that reality is determined from within, not by external events. This is the new kind of freedom. Events can impact us in various ways. Our freedom lies in the inner choice that we make as to how to respond to this impact. January 8, 2017.
A Time of Hope Watch on Vimeo
Hope for humanity in this time of great change, as all come to recognize the holiness of life and the presence of "I Am" - the Divine Presence on Earth.
AUM Closing Watch on Vimeo
August 4, 2017.
Aakhan Jor - The Great Surrender Watch on Vimeo
A beautiful and profound mantra/meditation on the willingness to surrender all power to the One.
An Awakening Earth Watch on Vimeo
A new energy is covering the Earth whose purpose is expansion and the setting of mankind free to live life more fully, freely, and from the foundation of one's Divine core. Reading by Julie of Light Omega.
An End to Clinging Watch on Vimeo
The end to clinging and the beginning of freedom lies in the ability to let go of attachments based on fear, in favor of the new and unknown landscape of the deeper self. Each soul desires freedom, and so it shall be.
Awakening Earth 2015 - Beyond Hardship Watch on Vimeo
A message of comfort and hope from the One for those suffering the challenges of this time. A Divine message of love
Awakening of the Soul - Selected Paintings by Nicholas Roerich Watch on Vimeo
The visionary paintings of Nicholas Roerich create an energy that can lift consciousness to a higher level. The high mountain air in which he lived and painted breathes spiritual truths...
Awakening to Life Watch on Vimeo
The presence of Divine life is in everything, from the most ordinary to the most glorious. As the heart awakens, more can be seen.
Becoming One Watch on Vimeo
As part of the ascension process, we are being called to a new vision of a sacred Earth in which we are One. To get there, we must set aside fear and doubt and embrace the love that is.
Becoming a Majority of One Watch on Vimeo
Each individual is part of a larger whole of which a nation is one layer. To be a 'majority of one' is to be willing to speak the truths that one lives by for the benefit of the greater whole, irrespective of how many others agree with these truths. In this way, a new foundation for democracy is created.
Breath of God Watch on Vimeo
The Breath of God brings to the Earth the knowledge of Oneness that is the Divine Mother. All beings awaken to the love that is the Oneness embodied within all of life.
Coming Age of Light Watch on Vimeo
What was not possible to the heart is becoming possible now as the soul gains ascendance over the conscious self and the clouds that have covered true vision begin to clear.
Coming Home to Love Watch on Vimeo
Each soul has a longing to be seen and to feel met, to be seen in one's beauty and to be recognized in one's goodness. This longing of the soul is part of its reason for incarnating upon the Earth
Dawn of Creation Watch on Vimeo
The physical universe is the body of the Divine Oneness, the life within form of a unified Consciousness.
Days of Creation Watch on Vimeo
Transformation and awakening into the Divine world of prophesy. All are being affected today by the changing vibration of the Earth. Thus, does the 'Fifth World' of Hopi prophesy begin.
Devi Prayer - Hymn to the Divine Mother Watch on Vimeo
Many have wondered who the Divine Mother is, yet she is part of all spiritual traditions as a Presence. This video was created as a communication of her Being. See also the sequel "Light of the Presence - God the Mother"
Doors of Light Watch on Vimeo
Doors to the illumination of one's sacred self are opening now, offering a new way of life and a new way of living in harmony with others.
Earth Habitat Watch on Vimeo
The Earth is a great being in service to the countless souls who inhabit her. The Earth's body is that of the Divine Mother. Her destiny is light.
Everyday Jewels - The Divine in the Ordinary Watch on Vimeo
Being present to life reveals its Divine gifts to our awareness. Everyday jewels of experience are everywhere if we do not take things for granted.
Finding Your Deepest Heart Watch on Vimeo
One's deepest heart contains knowledge of the true capacity for love which lives within each soul. Such love is as vast as the Universe and can be felt as the heart awakens.
Flame of Hope Watch on Vimeo
You have within you as a sacred part of your soul-essence a flame of hope. Founded in the truth that your soul carries, it cannot be extinguished, even by life's challenges.
Flow Watch on Vimeo
'Flow' is the movement of the Divine within physical life. Human life is meant to enter this flow through surrender and trust, allowing the human to join with the Divine. Dolphins are teachers in this respect - their energy is tuned to the Oneness.
Flying in the Open Sky Watch on Vimeo
The freedom of the sky lives within the human heart that experiences its own love and feels nourished by it. This freedom causes the heart to feel weightless.
From Anger to Love Watch on Vimeo
The way of anger is chosen to protect the self from helplessness and vulnerability. The choice can be made to shift this view, moving from the power of anger to the power of love.
Gayatri Mantra Watch on Vimeo
A beautiful and powerful mantra and prayer for the enlightenment of all beings that can be chanted by anyone. The power of the Gayatri Mantra lies in the vibration and sound itself, given life over thousands of years.
Haiti Rising Watch on Vimeo
The world has faced a great tragedy together in the wake of the Haiti earthquake and needs to join further as One to bring spiritual support and hope to those in great need. This is a 'Response of Light' video.
Heartbeat Watch on Vimeo
Awakening. The heart of the world is God's heart manifesting on the physical plane. It is the Divine presence within each human heart that speaks to it of overflowing love.
Holding Darkness in Light Watch on Vimeo
We live at a time when the foundations of democracy are being undermined, and at such a time it is imperative for all concerned to know how to hold the darkness that encroaches in the light of their own being, the light of the Divine. The consciousness of this light and the stabilization of it within us is the task of all who care about democracy today. Nov. 13, 2016.
Holdout Places of the Heart Watch on Vimeo
The spiritual essence of each one desires love and oneness. However, there are often 'holdout places' in the heart which prevent one from feeling love. These may be healed as one increasingly understands that love requires only ONE who loves.
Honoring Oneself - The Need for Compassion Watch on Vimeo
The need for compassion exists wherever separation from truth exists, and most especially wherever it exists in relation to the truth of one's own being. Dec. 9, 2013
Hope Watch on Vimeo
We are badly in need of hope. The Earth is in need of it. The heart longs for it. Hope is a light-force whose outcome moves life forward toward the good. It is needed for the furtherance of the future of the planet.
Hope for the World Watch on Vimeo
Hope for the world is dependent upon the awakening of each heart to its own capacity to love. There is a great learning coming forward in this time, namely, that we do not have to be determined in our consciousness by external events, but rather can choose to love and to remain aligned with trust and hope. Dec. 11, 2016
Hymn to the Earth Watch on Vimeo
Hymn to the Earth as a sacred Being who has sheltered all creatures out of love. Voices of the Native elders are now joined in a growing call for restoration and a prayer of gratitude for what has been given.
I Am All Watch on Vimeo
I am infinite and eternal. I unify all within myself. I am the food and the one who is fed, the nourishment and the one who nourishes.
I Am With You - Message From the One Watch on Vimeo
A message of love from the Source of all being - the Creator of all. This Source wishes all souls to know that they are part of the Divine Heart at all times and without exception.
I Am the Dust of the Earth Watch on Vimeo
Holy is the Earth, the beloved body of the One. All shall know this, all shall feel this, for they are part of one body.
In the Presence of Eternity Watch on Vimeo
The heart is both human and Divine, participating in everyday life and in the timeless. As the heart opens more, it becomes capable of touching the infinite. Music - "Ave Maria" by Origen.
Journey to Love Watch on Vimeo
The road is open now and there are new possibilities for the heart as it awakens to the joy of its vast potential.
Letting Go of Roles - The Joining of Love and Truth Watch on Vimeo
Letting go of roles liberates the self to live a life of greater wholeness, truth, and love. At the same time it liberates others to become free to be themselves.
Light of the Eternal Watch on Vimeo holiness, to the divine Holy of holies within one's own heart. Precious sanctified light of the divine Presence..
Light of the Presence - God the Mother Watch on Vimeo
God the Mother manifests as the fabric of time itself and as the light within all things. Inseparable from the Oneness, she is the Oneness in manifestation. A sequel to "Devi Prayer - Hymn to the Divine Mother."
Living a Life of Love Watch on Vimeo
Learning to locate the source of love within the self. A discussion of the way to the inner source of nourishment and of the obstacles encountered. Jan. 8, 2014
Mystery of the Divine Father-Mother God Watch on Vimeo
Who can fathom the mystery of the Father-Mother God in its dual aspect of being and becoming? Divine Essence and Divine Creator - both are One.
Ocean of Love Watch on Vimeo
An Ocean of love lives within each heart. It is the source of peace for the soul and the source of peace for the world. Exquisite music by Miten/ Deva Premal that is a mixture of song, mantra, and prayer.
Oceano de Amor - (Tanta Magnificência - Miten/Deva Premal) Watch on Vimeo
Um Oceano de amor vive dentro de cada coração. É a fonte de paz para a alma e a fonte de paz para o mundo.
Om Ama Rani Mantra Watch on Vimeo
A beautiful and powerful chant sung by Sarva-Antah, a Tibetan choir. This mantra focuses on healing and invites a long, healthy, and worthwhile life. The sound opens the heart and infuses all the cells of the body. For many it creates a deep sense of peace.
Om Namo Bhagavate Watch on Vimeo
A chant of great purity and love to the Supreme Being who lives within all forms and behind all faces. Narrative by Julie of Light Omega
One World Meditations Watch on Vimeo
Join this Realms of Light and those around the planet who desire to bring more light and healing to the Earth and to themselves. Every Wednesday, 8:30pm (ET), from wherever you are. Be blessed.
Planetary Ascension - God's Time Watch on Vimeo
Third in the series on "Planetary Ascension" which includes: "Planetary Ascension - The Birth of the Sacred" and "Planetary Ascension - Renewal of the Earth."
Planetary Ascension - Revelation Watch on Vimeo
Revelation - All things are being made new. The Divine within each being is being revealed to the conscious self. A new reality is being born.
Planetary Ascension - The Birth of the Sacred Watch on Vimeo
A profound message for today about Ascension, a spiritual process of planetary renewal and rebirth that has already begun. Though there are changes on many levels that are part of this time, it is love that will guide the way through. Part II - Planetary Ascension - The Renewal of the Earth
Planetary Ascension - The-Renewal of the Earth. Watch on Vimeo
An inspiring message from the higher dimensions of light concerning the planetary shift known as Ascension. It conveys not only hope for the future, but also the profound and sacred importance of each human being on the Earth today. This video is the second in a series on Planetary Ascension and follows "Planetary Ascension - The Birth of the Sacred"
Planetary Shift - You Are Everything Watch on Vimeo
The planetary shift involves a new consciousness moving all beings into oneness with all of Life.
Prayer Watch on Vimeo
Blessings for each heart that awaits the One Life and the One Breath. May all be upheld in the oneness of the One.
Purification Talk - Separating from Emotions: The Return to Inner Being Watch on Vimeo
Light Omega Gathering - Recorded August 14, 2016.
Remaining Steadfast Watch on Vimeo
There is a deeper layer of our being than our conscious mind that holds the values of our heart upon which we base our life. It is to this layer of our being that we must turn in order to remain steadfast, especially during times of difficulty. December 4, 2016.
Sacred Relationships Watch on Vimeo
We have a choice as to the quality of relationships we involve ourselves in within our life. We can function on the more superficial level of what we have come to expect and be, or we can seek a deeper healing and connection with others on the level of a friendship of the soul. Sacred relationships are about the friendship of the soul that we may have with all others. October 23, 2016.
Sacred Relationships - Part 1 - Loving Others Watch on Vimeo
Sacred relationships are based on seeing others as souls and loving others as souls. They exist beyond need and enable one to be a 'friend of the soul' of another and a beloved. See also "Sacred Relationships II - "The Foundations of Wholeness."
Sacred Relationships - Part 2 - The Foundation of Wholeness Watch on Vimeo
Sacred relationships join two or more in unconditional love. This love stems from the wholeness of each, rather than from need, and is a communion of souls within the Oneness. See also "Sacred Relationships I - "Loving Others."
Sanctify Watch on Vimeo
Sanctify everything. Place everything on the altar before God. This is the way to experience the Divine Presence on Earth and the Divine Presence within oneself.
Soul Love and the Relationship of Souls Watch on Vimeo
Love between souls can exist in a depth and breadth that is often unimaginable. This is possible for all who seek to live from their higher selves. The beauty and depth of love is part of the soul itself.
Soul Prayer Watch on Vimeo
The heart longs for the Beloved One, feeling separate and alone, lifetime after lifetime, not knowing that this is the source of its loneliness. Finally, it comes to seek the Source itself.
Surrender Watch on Vimeo
An invitation for those who wish to become free of ego and of fear and to live more gracefully in and with the Unknown. Surrender and trust are the way, and those who can trust are the wayshowers.
The Animal Kingdom Watch on Vimeo
The soul nature of animals requires respect for their consciousness and existence. This has often been lacking as human beings separated non-human life-forms from the sacred. Now, the oneness of all must be acknowledged.
The Basis for Trust Watch on Vimeo
The basis for trust in the spiritual future of America or for any democracy is the trustworthiness of her citizens. This trustworthiness is based on alignment with an inner sense of rightness or conscience that is connected with the Source of love.
The Celebration of Life Watch on Vimeo
One can celebrate life as a miraculous gift, even in the presence of pain. Pain does not destroy the miraculous. It merely covers it.
The Colors of Love Watch on Vimeo
The colors of love emanate from the feelings that love conveys, tender at one moment, passionate at the next, romantic, and devoted. All the colors of love are one.
The Cosmic Moment Watch on Vimeo
The Earth's movement into a higher dimension of consciousness is creating new possibilities for realizing one's cosmic origins and identity. This is the cosmic moment - the transition that is happening now. Reading by Julie of Light Omega.
The Earth in Transition: Our Purpose for Being Here Watch on Vimeo
We come here with a sacred purpose that is multi-layered. On the one hand we come for our own personal growth and learning, and on the other, we come to serve the Earth in transition and to serve life itself. Nov. 20, 2016.
The Gift of Being Present Watch on Vimeo
Being present allows us to experience the fullness of our own being and the reality of others. May 21st, 2017.
The Gift of the Holy Watch on Vimeo
The gift of the holy belongs to each one. For all are created with a heart that perceives the Divine presence within life, shining behind the visible appearance of things. This gift is eternal and can be covered over but never taken away. It is part of the soul, and as such remains forever.
The Heart That is Becoming Divine Watch on Vimeo
Like the sun that shines upon all, the heart that is becoming Divine is no longer selective in love, but desires to bless all and to give to all of its radiance. June 18, 2017
The Journey Home Watch on Vimeo
The spiritual journey of the soul through time creates a longing for what has been left behind - the wholeness of one's spiritual being and the Divine Heart that is one's home.
The Open Door Watch on Vimeo
The door to greater freedom of being lies within you. It is already open and asks you to walk through it.
The Open Path Watch on Vimeo
The journey of each soul is unique and open. Each life offers a bridge to awakening through the choices that arise which naturally unfold the potential that lies within.
The Path to Oneness Watch on Vimeo
September 17, 2017.
The Patriotism of Diversity Watch on Vimeo
America needs a new definition of patriotism which is founded in the spiritual ideals that gave rise to this nation and in the diversity with which love for this country may be expressed.
The Personal and the Planetary Watch on Vimeo
We are here to take part in the unification of the Earth, through love, into a holy planet. Each of us contributes to this change by the way we hold our consciousness. All thoughts that we think and emotions that we feel expand outward to affect all. January 15, 2017.
The Place of Deeper Truth Watch on Vimeo
It is particularly important, today, when emotional currents surround us, affecting our inner state of feeling, that we know how to locate the place of deeper truth that allows us to be steady in the presence of turbulence. This place of truth is always there. February 19, 2017.
The Place of the Sacred Watch on Vimeo
In an effort to establish a unified life, we are asked to look at the place of the sacred within our dally thought and experience. Where do thoughts of the Divine reside and how often do we allow them within the very practical needs of an ordinary day? March 19, 2017.
The Practice of Alignment Watch on Vimeo
A meditation practice for our time, based on ancient ways of attuning to light.
The Practice of Group Alignment Watch on Vimeo
All points of light that are the members of a group are connected. All are one on the level of the soul. In the presence of the purity and strength of light, all differences dissolve. Narration - Julie of Light Omega
The Roots of Trust Watch on Vimeo
In times of challenge when it appears that external events are moving in a frightening direction, or a direction that does not seem to resonate with our own best interests or that of others, we need to dig dig deeper within ourselves to locate the roots of trust. Pre-election talk. November 7, 2016.
The Sea Watch on Vimeo
The Sea calls to each soul - the voice of the great Ocean from which all life came forth. The soul listens for this voice and yearns for it.
The Story of Creation Watch on Vimeo
Stories of Creation exist within all authentic spiritual traditions, some emphasizing the aspect of Being and some emphasizing the aspect of Becoming in relation to the purpose of Creation. These two currents, represented primarily by eastern and western traditions, today are seeking to join with each other in a unity of wholeness. Talk by Julie of Light Omega - October, 2013
The Tender Heart of Life Watch on Vimeo
If you look at anything closely enough you can become one with it, first as a knowing, then as a feeling. This is because each thing is a world in itself, filled with the life of the soul that inhabits it.
The Unity of Being - "I Am That I Am" Watch on Vimeo
September 3rd, 2017.
The Way of Love Watch on Vimeo
A haunting and beautiful melody to accompany the invitation to forgiveness, not just toward others but toward oneself. May it be so.
The Word That Is One Watch on Vimeo
One Word gave rise to all words, one sound to all sounds. This is the mystery of Creation and the Source of peace - that all words come from One.
To Whom Does the Constitution Belong? Watch on Vimeo
The Constitution as the foundation of the Republic of America belongs to the people and their representatives and cannot be usurped by one party, group, or faction at the expense of the whole. The Constitution binds together a nation in one indivisible unity.
Trust in the Present Moment Watch on Vimeo
Following the election of a new President on November 8, 2016, shock has come to many people who did not anticipate that this would be the outcome of the election. This talk is about dealing with shock, allowing the process to be absorbed, and trusting the emerging reality of the present moment. November 9, 2016
Tumi Bhaja re Mana Mantra Watch on Vimeo
Tumi Bhaja re Mana is a mantra of great beauty and devotion. Chanting the names of God can be done inwardly or outwardly, with words or without, leading the heart to open to the Divine. Music by Manish Vyas.
Voice of the One Heart Watch on Vimeo
May light be victorious, may darkness be dispelled. May all that creates separation give way to the knowledge of oneness.
Waiting in Trust Watch on Vimeo
Waiting in trust for things to manifest rather than rushing them allows a sacred process to unfold in its own time. This process is illumined by spiritual grace which brings all things into greater wholeness.
Waiting in Trust Watch on Vimeo
Waiting in trust becomes possible when our alignment with the truth of our soul is accessible to us, allowing us to be less influenced by events that surround us and more responsive to our own inner knowing. Dec. 18, 2016.
Wake Up Watch on Vimeo
Light expanding is calling, bringing to awareness things that have been buried within the physical/emotional self and awakening the self to what lies beyond.
We Are One Watch on Vimeo
The plight of refugees and impoverished populations is the ongoing picture of human suffering. Change comes from the knowledge that we are one with those who suffer everywhere, and that their plight is our own.
What Is Freedom? Watch on Vimeo
The fundamental freedom is the right to be oneself and to live as oneself. All seek this. The idea of dominance in which some are free and others may not be, cannot be held when freedom is truly understood. July 2, 2017
Yemaya Assessu Watch on Vimeo
A tender Yoruba chant that speaks of the joining of the river with the Sea and the Goddess of the Ocean. This same River flows through each soul.