Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.

a video for our time

"Mission Blue" is a 90 minute documentary about the life work of Sylvia Earle in her efforts to educate the world about the change that is happening to our oceans and the way of creating hope for the future.  Such a shift involves the recognition that the oceans are vital to the life of the world, that 'we' are the oceans and the oceans are us.


At present, the oceans of the world may seem far away from us, far from our everyday concerns. And yet the way we live is changing them.  As they are less sustained, they are less sustaining to life.

The intimate knowledge of this change is a call to awaken and a calling to the heart to open more deeply to care for all of life. www.missionblue.org.






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