Oct. 11, 2004Articles and commentary regarding world events
The Death of Innocence

Quotes from Oct. 4th:

"Teenage Jabaliya resident Asma Dwidar was reported killed by stray gunfire as she baked bread in her garden with her mother."

"First reports from Sderot spoke of a baby and another child being killed when makeshift Qassam rockets hit a residential block in the town. But Israeli media later said the two victims were children aged three and five from the same family."

"In a third attack, a car bomb exploded outside a primary school in Mosul, killing five people, including two children, police said. Earlier police had said seven were killed, but later revised the toll. Eleven people were wounded, including five children."

"The military said it presumed that a large number of enemy fighters had been killed in the attack. But in Falluja, hospital officials said five civilians had been killed."

* * * * *

     A great lament is rising from the earth. It is the voice of mothers and fathers, of children in tiny coffins, of other children with amputated limbs or with cruel burns covering their entire bodies. It is the wail of horror when a bus explodes in a crowded marketplace in Tel Aviv, or when an hundred Israeli tanks march into Gaza, threatening the lives of all in their path - all - despite the plan to seek out only the militants who have robbed them of their own children.

     This great cry from the earth gets louder. There is crying everywhere as the force of uncontrolled violence gets stronger, as the justification for the assertion of power gets deeper - anywhere, everywhere. The cries of those who stood in their front yards watching the movements in the street, afraid to leave their front yards. They were not safe even there, for the bullet came to them, the bullet that killed them. They didn't have to go anywhere.

     The earth cries out in pain at this violence unleashed within its body, within its soul. It is the cry of a mother mourning her children. It is the cry of a helpless child, wounded, without knowing why. It is the cry of a shepherd, whose sheep have run away. It is the cry of the dirt itself, covering the bodies of the little ones who have died.

     The earth cries out and says: "Where is your brother? What have you done to him?" And hears in response: "Am I my brother's keeper?" The old tale, the old betrayal of one brother by another. The very stones and sand of the dusty, sun-drenched streets are asking this question, but no-one listens. They say over and over again: "Where is your brother? What have you done to him?" The voice of the stones echoes in the deserted streets and from the rooftops: "What have you done... done... done?" There is no answer.

     The pain of the earth is the pain of betrayal, a betrayal of that which was given out of love, of that which was hoped for in the beginning. It is the betrayal of the gift-offering of the rivers and mountains, the oceans and the pure air that used to be. It is the betrayal of the hope for harmony among living things that nature craves and is moving toward. It is a betrayal of the living body of the earth that is not only stones, and dirt, and water, but also blood, and breath, and consciousness - the consciousness of hope.

     We have betrayed the earth through our greed and violence, our need for power and greatness. Not each one of us, individually, in our hearts and minds. But 'we' as the arms and legs, the fingers and toes of a larger body - the body of mankind. We have betrayed our brothers as it was written in the beginning, and the blood of the earth is upon our hands - upon some hands more than others, for some are betrayers and some are innocents. Some are all too ready to use whatever opportunity arises to seek their own ends, and some will relinquish power in favor of peace.

     Oh, precious earth, I hear you crying. You are the voice of Abel, crying in the wind, crying from beneath the dirt which buries you. You, whom God loved, are fatally wounded, and the measure of your devotion is the reason for your death. For had you been less favored by God, there would not have been the jealousy that killed you. Had you been more ordinary, more ignorant of love, you could not have aroused the hatred that sprung from cynicism and despair.

     There is but a minute left before the earth itself will open its heart and pour out its pain for all to see - a minute, before the river of tears becomes a river of human sorrow. In this minute of holy silence, let the newspaper articles cease to record the presence of impersonal death everywhere. Let the serial killings become a thing of the past. Let the premise of nobility of those who take their own lives, become recognized for what it is - an illusion based on a last hope of the hopeless and helpless. And let the ones who seek power become like little children with small open hands, waiting to be led.

The Growing Crisis

Nuclear Proliferation:

"Nuclear Weapons: Can they be stopped?" (Sept. 22, 2004)


"UN warns of 'growing Gaza crisis." (Oct. 7, 2004)


"Iran 'increases missile range'." (Oct. 5, 2004)

"Sharon accuses Iran of running Arab agents in Israel." (Oct. 5, 2004)


"From Baghdad: A Wall Street Journal Reporters E-mail to Friends." (Sept. 30, 2004).">

"When War Hits Home." (Oct. 5, 2004)

"Sympathy for al-Zarqawi Grows Among Iraqis Amid U.S. airstrikes." (Oct. 6, 2004).


"Al-Qaeda 'behind Egypt bombings." (Oct. 8, 2004)>


"Pakistan Bans Public Meetings After 40 Die in a Car Bombing." (Oct. 8, 2004)

The Basis for Hope

     It is not visible now. It is not visible yet, but it is here. It is present within space and time - the light of hope that can create hope for the world - that can insure that the destructive potential of forces governing human behavior will not be victorious.

     Certainly, it is easy enough to be overwhelmed or despairing concerning world events if the human level of perception is all that we see. But such is not the way of a spiritual life. A spiritual life demands of us a larger perception, one that allows a translation of impulses, intentions, and energies from the realm of the invisible to the realm of the visible. Can we make this translation? Can we believe in it in the presence of the suffering and death we see and hear about - in the presence of falseness among leaders, falseness that passes as truth?

     The answer must be "yes," for it is, indeed, possible. The alternative to despair lies not just in leaving the world to its own ends, or in resigning ourselves. The alternative lies deeply within each heart that knows the world stage to be governed by invisible forces as well as visible ones. These forces interact with each other and give rise to the drama of present conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere. They also give rise to the rage that cries "death to America". These forces and those that are less visible are the manifestation of a process of purification that the Hopi Indians have talked about for some time - a process that is taking place now on the global level as well as on the individual - a process that many are able to experience, as spiritual energy moves from the upper planes to the lower.

      The process involves the expansion of consciousness, of self-awareness and planetary awareness to the level of the soul. Despite appearances, it is already taking place. Greater spiritual light on the earth is exposing what has lain hidden, both of the soul's own light and of the darkness that seeks to obscure it. This is the purification process - one which requires the separation of light and darkness in order to complete itself.

     We can think of purification on the global level as similar to that on the individual. We are familiar with the self-confrontation that is part of our own healing process. In order to heal, we must see what we carry within ourselves before we can choose something else, before healing can take place. Such self-confrontation happens naturally as we grow, emotionally and spiritually. It also happens on the global level, revealing to the hearts of mankind what it has carried within itself. These energies and hatreds, these fears and needs for power, this capacity for inhumanity and disrespect for the sacredness of life, causes the earth itself to cry out, pleading with us to awaken. And in this moment, awakening becomes more possible. For just as increased spiritual light shines upon our awareness, exposing motivations that have lived secretly within in order to release them from where they have lain hidden, it also frees a deeper truth, the truth of light.This light is not calling us to act out the hidden motivations. It is calling us to become aware. Yet often, because increased darkness is also present on the earth, these tendencies and motivations are acted out. Then, they become part of a current that seeks to disrupt growth, to banish love, and to prevent the expansion of greater light.

     This is a new context for most of us to think in, yet it is important that we do so. It is important from the standpoint of truth, and it is important from the standpoint of hope - to live and breathe the spiritual reality that can hold the multiplicity of events that manifest as increased violence and terrorism. It is important because within this frame, we can know that the counter-force to this energy also exists within us and on a planetary level as well. Holding this perspective does not mean ignoring the more practical, political, economic, and cultural observations we make about the reasons for human behavior. But it places these in the broadest possible context of energy and consciousness. It reveals to us, what is happening behind the scenes.

     Consciousness - the broad sweep of our sense of identity and of our perception of reality - is the medium which holds everything else. Consciousness, that is always growing as we mature spiritually. If we can hold this to be true, it will allow us to think differently about the patterns we see in the Middle East and about the patterns we observe developing within our own country as well. For whatever power these trends, energies, motivations seem to hold over groups or nations, such forces cannot win, no matter how powerful they appear to be. They cannot win because they are only part of a living Whole that is the Unity of God, not the Whole itself. They are only part of Creation, not Creation itself. And it is this Creation, this ongoing expansion of spiritual awareness and light that shall, in the end, subdue such forces, no matter how virulent they may be. For the spiritual destiny of man comes due now, as it was written in the beginning: that the advent of light on earth would emerge out of a time of great darkness, and that a way through would be offered.

     May all that is holy within us rise up in hope to greet this light that shines in the darkness - inextinguishable, strong, and true. May we not forget the darkness nor deny its power, but nevertheless remain true to our origins - the light of the eternal flame within.

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