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This precious earth that has given so much to us has a heart that speaks to mankind, if it would but hear. This heart says: "I am weary, but I continue to love. I seek your help, so that all may be made right again."

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     Writing about "Climate Change, Consciousness, and Accountability" in the last newsletter, brought forth some new thoughts on the 'Gaia Hypothesis'. This hypothesis looks at the earth as a living being with all systems interconnected. Such a view reinforces the need for all of us to preserve and protect not only the climate and atmosphere of the earth, but all parts of it that interact with each other.

     Many writers have focused on 'Gaia' since 1979 when James Lovelock wrote the first book on the subject. Some look at the interrelationship of ecosystems through disciplines such as oceanography, microbiology, climatology, and geology. Others look at physically measurable energies such as electromagnetic fields, solar radiation, and seismology. A distinctly different group is formed by those 'lightworkers' whose endeavors are shaped by the 'Gaia Hypothesis' and who, for decades now, have been learning more about the 'planetary grid' that surrounds the earth and that nourishes it. Many such 'lightworkers' seek to help maintain and activate this network of spiritual energy - both to assist in the support of life, and to further the transformation of the planet. 'Activation' of the grid through the participation of human beings helps cosmic energy - the higher vibrations of light - to be stepped down so that their passage into and through physical matter can be enhanced.

     In looking at Gaia, we can look at the earth from these two different perspectives. Within one are the various scientific disciplines - the earth-related sciences which study the overlap between different ecosystems and different areas of interactive functioning. Within the other, are those who study the spiritual matrix from which the physical is derived. It is understood by many within the second group that this spiritual matrix is changing now, as the earth moves through an evolutionary step that will take it into a new vibration and a new level of spiritual consciousness. Changes in the 'grid' are also presumed, by many, to be the source from which the widely predicted changes on the physical earth will take place as well.

     Ideas about the earth as a living being are as old as the myths and legends of ancient times. Ideas about the 'planetary grid' which holds the earth in harmony and balance, are held by some to be as old as the writings of Plato, but are more typically viewed as being of recent vintage. Such ideas are becoming ever more popular now as 'ordinary' people find themselves attracted to the sacred places of the earth - to Stonhenge, Macchu Picchu, Glastonbury, Mt. Shasta - and as they begin to experience the spiritual energies liberated at these different points. Whether the grid energies are perceived as fact, story, or myth will depend on our individual experience. Certainly, myths and legends have always acknowledged sacred places on the earth. They have just not been called parts of a 'planetary grid'. Certainly, too, there are many today who seek to participate in the evolutionary changes that the earth is and will be going through - who already sense, intuitively, a truth that the mind cannot quite fathom but that the heart knows.

     As part of the life of the earth, we find, less frequently, stories, myths, or spiritual descriptions of the 'inner earth'. As a result, this is a less known domain that primarily exists as the source of myth and legend. Yet the 'inner earth' is an aspect of the earth's being as well, one that vibrates at a different frequency than the 'outer' earth.

     In the end, the portions of the 'The Gaia Hypothesis' that will seem 'real' to us will depend on our experience, thus far, both of nature and of the subtle realms of life. It is one of the great wonders of living in a spiritual universe that such mysteries as 'Gaia' remain to be unfolded, and that the parts we already know illuminate a vast world whose beauty, intelligence, and power can only be responded to with awe and reverence.


     Let us assume, based on the above, that the earth is a living organism as we are - a living being with blood and tissue, nerves and organs, and an interrelationship of all of its parts. Just as each human is a concentration of spiritual energy embodied within human form, so, too, is the earth a concentration of spiritual energy embodied within planetary form. The earth has a 'soul' or spiritual center, and that soul embodies as a consciousness within form. So, too, do stars, galaxies, and universes have 'souls'. The soul that embodies as the infinite cosmos is the being we call 'God'. Each human being is also a soul, and what is true for the individual is true for the planetary and for all of life.

     The blood of the earth is its energy - the life-force that runs through it infusing all forms - air and water, mountains and trees, the very atoms and molecules of every living thing.

     Its lungs which create respiration, lie in its atmosphere - causing the inhalation and exhalation of gases that keep the body balanced, nutrients circulating. This atmosphere brings nourishment to each of the parts. It is crucial to the generation of health and life.

     The earth's 'organs' are formed by energy centers at various points on the globe. These vortices of energy lie along meridians (ley lines) that form the earth's nervous system. They perform certain functions for the planet as a whole and act like planetary 'chakras', behaving within the earth's body much as the human chakra system acts within the human body.

     All points on the 'planetary grid' are intimately connected to each other along lines of light (meridians) that run through the entire planetary body. Certain points on one meridian correspond to other points on other meridians; certain points activate the energy at other points. The planetary grid with its meridians binds light and life together. Its purpose is to distribute all that is needed for the harmonious functioning of the earth as an organism or being. If one part of this grid is weakened or damaged, other parts must take over its functioning or else the whole will become weakened.

     The arms and legs, fingers and toes of the earth are all of nature, the valleys and glaciers, the deserts and rainforests. All that is physical is part of the body of the earth.

     The multilayered ecosystems are the glands of the earth, keeping life in balance, seeing to it that all parts of the physical body work in concert, helping to support each other. All the varied forms we find in nature are part of the one body that is the planetary body, and when any part is damaged or depleted, the whole suffers as well.

     And what of the earth's consciousness?

     It has been said of the earth that it is a 'sentient being'. To be 'sentient' means to be conscious and to be aware of oneself. All forms within nature have consciousness, some more so than others. All forms within the entire physical universe are 'ensouled'. Manmade creations also have consciousness, but of a more limited kind. Since they are not created out of the organic processes of nature, their consciousness is reduced to the life within the atoms and molecules of which they are composed. That is why what is 'natural' or 'organic' that we eat, wear, or live in, may feel like it has more life in it. It feels that way because it does have more life in it - the greater life of trees, plants, air, water, and sunlight in which each form had its creation.

     The consciousness of the earth includes all that lives within its physical form, and all that is part of its physical form - humans and animals, insects and trees, rocks, and desert sand.

     It also includes all that resides within its auric field - a field which contains astral, mental, and causal planes, similar to those that surround each embodied human.

     The consciousness of the earth also includes those souls who have departed their bodies yet who have never fully left the earth plane and who remain within the energy body of the earth.

     Finally, the earth's consciousness includes the consciousness of beings and forces within the 'inner earth'.

     The 'inner earth' is a sphere of energy within the physical earth. It is not part of the physical dimension but is 'inter-dimensional' or 'other-dimensional', existing at a different frequency of vibration than the physical yet having access to the physical. Energies from the 'inner earth' can and do interpenetrate life on the physical plane when there is an access point within an individual, group, society, or location to do so. These 'inner earth' energies are reductions of darkness concentrated at different levels, sometimes concentrated into the form of individual beings, sometimes concentrated as just forces of negativity that can be found within the human emotional sphere as well.

     Within the 'inner earth' is also contained a sphere of light that lies at the earth's core. It is the home of the formative energy of planetary life and consciousness that generates the earth's spiritual identity. The light at the earth's core has been called by many names. One of them is 'Shamballa'. 'Shamballa' is an energetic link, vortex, or dimension, through which God-the-Mother and God-the-Father become joined with the matter of the material plane. Therefore, within Shamballa, all is alive, all is sentient, all is aware of itself as soul. In order for the energy of the spiritual core of the earth to find its way to the physical life 'above', the planes of darkness of the 'inner earth' have to be transmuted so that they no longer affect the mental and emotional body of the outer earth. This transmutation takes place first, through the progressive illumination of the outer layer of the earth by the cosmic infusion of spiritual light. Through this light, that which is in physical form comes to know itself as one with the Creator-God and, as it does so, moves into a vibration of love and unity and begins to release its dormant negativity. Second, the inner planes are transformed through the release of 'inner earth' energies into the cosmic light so that they no longer exist in separation, but rather re-merge with the Oneness that is God. When this happens and to the extent that this happens, the spiritual core of the earth - Shamballa - can manifest its energy within the outer, physical layer, causing the conscious experience of 'ensoulment' or soulness among all living beings.

     The joyful news is that such a time of dispersion of negativity and of unity lies ahead of us - a time when all of life will know itself to partake of the Divine light that has formed it and that lives at its core. Such a time requires a transition of 'dispersion' to go through. Yet on the other side, is the hope for the earth and for all creatures upon it becoming one.

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A Time of Dispersion

Where violence breaks out unimpeded by thought of consequence or conscience,

Where civil war results in murder and brutality of one group toward another,

Where criminal action is justified in the name of righteousness, and

Where respect for the human succumbs to the emotion of contempt -

There we have a 'time of dispersion',
a time in which negative energies and feelings are separated from the container of love and conscience that has held them in check. This separation of impulse from forces that would bind it is the meaning of 'dispersion' - an uprooting and acting out of feelings that are opposite to love, caused by the intensification of light that is purifying the earth.

The light that purifies does not cause these feelings to be acted out. Rather, it causes them to come into awareness. Then, each soul has a choice as to how to deal with them. Often, outer circumstance engages the impulses coming into consciousness and serves as a catalyst for their expression. As a result, the dignity of each human life is sacrificed to the impulsive needs of the moment or time, and violence is expressed beyond reason and beyond understanding.

What is possible at a 'time of dispersion' is the twofold awareness of compassion and of hope -

Compassion for those who suffer scorn, brutality, contempt, and violence at the hands of others, and compassion for those who do not yet know what they will reap as a result of such actions.

Hope for the future of the earth and of love.

For as the negative is expressed in all its virulence, so, too, will the positive be expressed in all its radiance. The negative may cover the earth for a time, but the force of light that allows it to be and that fuels the separation which permits it - that same light will bring to the earth an end to 'dispersion', an end to contempt and derision, and the beginning of lasting peace.

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