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January 1, 2006


The following was written in honor of the new year and of the light that dawns: 



The world awakens and the branches of trees are filled with cherries,

Bright, red, and luscious, they can be seen now,

No longer covered by a blanket of snow that hid them from view

          while they lay asleep, waiting for the snow to melt.

Uncovered and glistening in pure sunlight, they speak of the earth’s

          graciousness, of her endless giving of life to all who breathe the air

          that is her breath, who eat the food that is her body.

The air smells with the scent of melting snow and of sun.

There is laughter in the trees and in the call of birds back and forth

          as they let each other know that life is here.

Joy comes softly.  It does not take big steps with big feet,

          but rather walks in slippers on new mown grass,

          barely making an impression until it reaches the place of looking back.

Then, one sees the path that the feet have made,

          one recognizes the steps that have been taken.

Everywhere cherries, the red fruit of mother Earth asks to

          be shared, hangs in heavy, pendulous bunches from trees that

          sigh with relief - relief at finally having given birth.

It is springtime for the soul, and the soul rises to greet the day

           that has borne new fruit in silence, nurturing it in secret,

           keeping it hidden from view but alive all the same,

Keeping it hidden beneath the visible so that the bright promise

           of life’s abundance might finally be felt by all.

Here, now, the sight of cherries in melting snow brings to

           ordinary vision a seamless joining of two worlds,

The bursting fruit that fills the senses and arrives in silence,

Cutting through time and space and carrying with it, the presence of eternity.


*  *  *



We live at a time of great change, when the wind brings with it the seeds of a new tomorrow, dropped by a gracious hand on fertile earth that has been waiting long for the seed to arrive. 

Wishing you love and a blessed new year - Julie



The purpose of Light Omega is to bring us all into greater planetary consciousness with awareness of the suffering of others and with a willingness to remain awake to the challenges, dangers, and possibilities we face today.

Julie Redstone


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