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January 14, 2006




The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast
The slow one now, will later be fast
As the present now, will later be past
The order is rapidly fadin'.
And the first one now, will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.

From: The Times They Are A-Changin' 

Bob Dylan (1964)

      We live at a time when hope for change in the future, for many, has been heavily weighed down by the circumstances of ongoing events that have been the cause of despair and discouragement.  On the world stage, the presence of powerful and separate wills, operating not for the benefit of mankind but out of self-interest and greed, have caused cynicism and weariness for those who have long watched the situation, wishing to change it, yet unable to do much about it.  This sense of the intractability of  certain conditions of life has been with America and with the world for many years now, brought about not only by the human element of those who seek more for themselves without concern for the welfare of others, but also by forces that would have America’s light shine less brightly and have less light manifesting in the world in general.  On both levels, there has been a contraction in recent years so that elements of light and of change have had difficulty penetrating the ideology and identity of those whose self-interest has been maintained at the expense of the environment, at the expense of social welfare programs, and at the expense of aid to foreign nations that would have helped the world move economically toward a greater sense of parity and equality. 

      Indeed, there has been ample reason for discouragement during recent years.  And yet what has been immoveable begins, now, to be moved.  What has been a cause for heavy-heartedness begins to be uplifted and to be replaced by hope in the years just ahead. With the increased presence of light on the earth, a new evaluation of priorities can begin to take place so that what was once most important can seem unimportant, and what once went unnoticed, can now move into the foreground of awareness.  This shift in perspective does not happen through any conscious choice - for example, to become a better person.  It happens because consciousness awakens more to the presence of sacredness, and in that process the valuing of human life replaces the valuing of having things for oneself at the expense of others.  The awakening of consciousness is made possible, in some, through years of preparation and a desire to grow and expand in this way.  For others, it happens more slowly or to a lesser degree.  Nevertheless, what was not possible a few years ago either on a personal, national, or global level, now becomes possible because there is more room within each person’s awareness to conceive of the world in a different way. 

      The process of awakening in the presence of greater light has already begun, and on a personal level there are subtle changes taking place in many for whom the heart had not been prominent before.  The greater priority given to the feelings of the heart, to the expression of the heart, and to compassion in general, is one of the aspects of awakening that can happen now, even without a defined spiritual perspective.  On the other hand, there are also many for whom the presence of spiritual reality is becoming more real – people who would not have thought this possible just a few short years ago.  This change, too, is produced by the presence of greater light on the earth.  The  song, 'The Times They Are A-Changin’, written more than forty years ago by Bob Dylan, certainly applies to this time, and those who are presently on earth have come, specifically, to be here now in order to witness and  participate in the transformation of consciousness and of the earth.

      One of the things to recognize is the need to let go of fixed ideas concerning what is possible.  These fixed ideas can apply to our conceptions of what is possible for another person who seems wrapped up tightly in prejudice, rigidity, or misperception; they can also apply to our conceptions of what is possible for the earth.  The realm of ‘possibility’ itself is changing, so that more can emerge and find expression than ever before  The new consciousness arising will bring with it a renewal of humanity's being able to live together more comfortably and with less friction between conflicting interests.  This will happen of its own accord, not through the immediate need to avoid a costly war, though that, too, acts as a motivator.  The desire for peace will grow out of a heart that understands what the necessity for peace is and what the importance of peace is, and this will come from a different sense concerning what life is.  There are attitudes toward life that many carry that are barely conscious because they are so much taken for granted.  For example, the idea that we live in a three-dimensional space is an idea that is taken for granted because it is what our physical senses perceive, even if it is not really true.  We live in a multidimensional space, and it takes the awakening of other senses in order to know this.  Similarly, the possibilities for creating a new world with new solutions to old problems, comes partly out of necessity, but partly out of the awakening of a sense of possibility concerning what that new world is like and feels like.  The immediacy of this perception creates the possibility for its manifesting in physical form, and the new structures of society and government that will come to be will be made possible by the new awakening of spiritual senses that will suddenly see with a sense of “Of course!” what was not even given a second thought a few minutes ago.

     The world is on the brink of a great and monumental change that will affect the consciousness of all, some to a greater degree and some to a lesser.  However much each individual consciousness receives light and responds to it is the degree to which the new world of vision will make itself felt.  Along the path of awakening, there are many who have come to be here as helpers to the rest of humanity, to insure that all motivations toward a forward progression are supported and helped along and that no one is left behind in the old consciousness who wishes to be brought forward.  These helpers of mankind have been called by a variety of names, but they have all come to insure that the transition into the new awareness can be made by as many as possible.  For the moment, the curtain is still drawn for the vast majority of the population over what will be a step-wise illumination that will take place.  And yet, even behind the drawn curtain there are subtle changes that are occurring, affected by the light that cannot be seen or felt.  This light is, nevertheless,  exerting its presence over what is on the other side.  In this time of mystery and of change, it is important to receive with grace and with gratitude what God has created as the passage into a new consciousness for mankind, one that will eradicate separation from sacred reality for the many, and that will create a new, vibrant earth that shall house a new consciousness of light.


The purpose of Light Omega is to bring us all into greater planetary consciousness with awareness of the suffering of others and with a willingness to remain awake to the challenges, dangers, and possibilities we face today.

Julie Redstone













And yet what has been immoveable begins, now, to be moved.  What has been a cause for heavy-heartedness begins to be uplifted and to be replaced by hope in the years just ahead.





















The desire for peace will grow out of a heart that understands what the necessity for peace is and what the importance of peace is, and this will come from a different sense concerning what life is.












Come with me, my friend,

Let us walk hand in hand down the road that lies ahead,

Stopping now and then to see what grows by the side in disarray,

Wild, yet filled with a beauty that was not visible before.

When did we look at what grew by the side of the road?

Perhaps, never.

As we fixed our gaze straight ahead we took for granted

      these little, forgotten flowers and small, creeping insects.

We saw them as unimportant,

Not messengers from the beyond sent by a kindly Spirit

      to share their flame of life with us.

Come, let us walk softly, my friend,

Let us tread lightly on this earth beneath our feet,

Making barely a footprint as we become weightless,

      part of the earth herself and not separate.

For how can what is the same and ‘part of’

      leave a footprint behind?  How can it have weight?

The little pebbles beneath our feet are alive with holy presence.

We reach toward them and they reach toward us

      in an embrace of sound, and feel, and color -

      an embrace that exists for a moment, and yet for eternity.

Each step we take changes the very cells of our being.

Each step reaches out with cloudlike arms

      and touches the life around us -

      the life that penetrates the soles of our feet and

            seeps into the atoms of our cells

            so that we are never the same again.

Let us walk down this road together, my friend,

      and see how everything is in conversation with everything else,

How everything speaks with the voice of life -

The small breeze that ruffles the hair,

The little pebbles that enter our shoes,

The smell of honeysuckle on the vines nearby.

We are changed by them and change them in our passage.

We are moved by them and move them in our quest.

If we allow our eyes to see what is not visible

      and our ears to hear what  makes no sound,

Then, the song of this road will make itself felt.

It will carry us into this world of shining life

      in which every voice will speak to us

            with the voice of God.


*   *   *


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