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February 22, 2006



In the beginning was the Word made flesh, made substance,

            brought into the dust and stones of the physical

            so that matter might come into being.

The divine Breath, the sacred ‘hu’, breathed life into form,

giving it life.

Without it, nothing was made that was made.

Now, flesh, dust and stones become the Word,

Reaching up, the particles of earth are transformed,

Life and Light,

     the two becoming one.

From: "Star Poems"                    

"Cone Nebula in Monoceros" 

*   *   *

      More than a billion years ago, the earth was formed out of molten lava, lava that had condensed from a gaseous state that preceded its formation by approximately 4 billion years.  This condensation of form which became the earth, grew out of an idea in the mind of God to create a physical dwelling place whose density would permit and encourage the degree of individuation of consciousness, and therefore of freedom of choice, that would allow created beings to participate more fully in Divine consciousness.  It was as it has always been, a matter of thought preceding creation, and creation preceding the manifestation of form.  Yet in this case, the form was also to be adapted specifically to the functioning and needs of a race of people – the human race - who would embody in their essence, the capacity to refrain from choosing light.  The permission to make the choice away from light existed in the original establishment of the blueprint for the creation of human souls, with the degree of freedom present that would allow each soul the capacity to turn away from its Creator.  This would be a possibility because of the identity that would grow out of identification with solidness and three dimensionality, so that people would perceive themselves to be separate in time and space from others and from the things around them.  The desire of Divine mind was to permit the degree of separation to occur in order that the soul could choose, at the end of a long period of growth and learning for most, or of a shorter period for some, to combine individual freedom with unity within God.

      The purpose of Creation is and was for God to manifest the totality of Divine consciousness within form, and for form to become one with the Divine, completing a ‘circle of creation’.  The meaning of this intention, however, is not a simple understanding of oneness as most would discuss it today.  It has to do with the tension between individuality and unity that would be present once the greatest degree of individuality or of separation were to take place.  This tension would produce the magnetic energy between ‘poles’ that would create the deepest and most profound absorption of the capacity to embody God consciousness.  It would be similar to the electricity, on a different level, of being in love.  The electricity of being in love allows for heightened perception of the loved one, of oneself, and of life in general.  So, too, does the tension between individuation and unity produce the heightened capacity to enter into a relationship with God.

      For most souls, the history of embodiment has been a long journey of separation in which choices were made both toward the light and away from it, and in the process mistakes needed to be corrected, wrong turns needed to be righted.  For some souls, freedom was not used in this way.  The gravitation toward the light and toward God remained central despite three-dimensionality, and so there was very little immersion throughout that soul’s history in darkness.  But for many this was not the case.

      According to the Bible, what took place at the beginning of mankind’s conscious experience of the Divine was a premonition of the reality of the one God that became covered over by a need to populate the heavens with gods that could be appealed to at different times for different reasons, with some assurance that this appeal would affect the conduct of everyday life.  This kind of magical thinking existed within human consciousness for a very long time, not because human consciousness was unevolved spiritually, but because this thinking was needed in order to establish greater control over physical reality – a control that could be gained and felt by the active participation of gods who had a more humanlike quality.  It was only after the survival of the species of man had been more or less stabilized through the relationship with the earth, through the continuity of family life and structure, and through the development of economies which affected people in a cooperative way, that the broader understanding of who and what God was could come into being.  The earth did not participate in this new perception of who God was.  For unlike the more 'primitive' varieties of religious belief that could see, feel, and know that God dwelled within the trees, the forests, the animals, and the mountains, the new perception of God removed God from the earth, even while expanding human understanding concerning God’s power and presence as Lord and ruler over all that happens on the earth plane.

      The earth based religions then, became increasingly separate from the transcendental religions.  They had different purposes, attracted different groups of people, and served as the foundation for different forms of cultural expression.  Over time, the gap widened between the two – between the earth-based religions and the transcendental religions, not for everyone, but for most within the developing world.  However, as this trend widened, there was more of a longing for what had been lost.  Among those who pursued the path of Nature and of the expression of the Divine within nature, there was a longing for the other half – for the assurance of the unity of life within something larger.  And for those who pursued the path of the transcendent, there was also a corresponding longing – for a relationship with God that could be more intimate, more directly experienced in the affairs of everyday life and within the surroundings of everyday life.  These two longings became part of history.  They became part of mankind’s evolving consciousness.   They may not have been expressed.  They may not even have been experienced by most.  But the longing for an experience of God on one plane or the other was behind both the seeking that many became involved with and also behind the disillusionment and disappointment that many became involved with.  This disillusionment about finding and experiencing the presence of God in a more intimate, more real way, over time became the primary source for fueling addictions of all kinds in which the primary motive, whether conscious or unconscious, was to fill the void created by the absence of an intimate relationship with God.

      The price that has been paid by the earth for the process of human beings moving progressively into behavior and strategies that expressed separation and disillusionment rather than behavior that expressed oneness and trust in God, has been a large one.  Even though the need for individuation of consciousness has been part of the plan for Creation, nevertheless, the earth has paid a high price for actions taken as a result of this individuation and separation and as a result of the darkness that emerged from it.  The earth has been the recipient of all that refuses to recognize the oneness of life, of all that has been questioning and doubting of the transcendent, of all that has sought to replace a true morality that emerges from the sacred nature of human consciousness with an artificial morality that is constructed according to the psychological, emotional, and economic needs of a particular age and culture.  The earth has paid the price dearly for this degree of separation, and for the immoral behavior toward relationships within the human family, toward relationships with the plant and animal kingdoms, and toward relationship with the bio-ecological system of the earth that have arisen from it.

      Such a price has been a willing price, however.  The being of the earth has willingly taken on the consciousness of those who dwell upon and within her structure.  She has willingly participated in human history in the way of absorbing its excesses and of holding the energies of excess within herself, as best she could, in order that the fundamental support which gave continued life to people would be able to continue.  She was, and is, the nurturer of the human race, both through conscious intentionality and through biology – a biology which allowed the excess of separated energy – energy translated into actions separated from the vibration of light – to be held within her physical body until such time as it would be right to release it.

      This time has arrived.  The signal has been given.  The message has been received.  The earth’s body is programmed to take note of the higher vibration and concentration of light that is permeating both her atmosphere and her physical structure.  Her biology tells her that this is happening.  And, as the signal comes,  the sequential steps begin to be taken that liberate the energies that have been held within her for so long.  These energies move into the atmosphere and out of the earth. 

      The earth is self-aware on a much more complex level than each individual is self-aware, and is actively participating in the process by which her own inner transformation will take place.  As a sentient being, one who feels, thinks, and is self-aware, she has the capacity to choose which direction to take.  The earth's level of awareness and of focus, however, is different than that of human beings who see themselves as separate from God or as separate from the atoms of which they are composed.  The earth’s consciousness is more directed toward awareness of her physical embodied state.  It is a consciousness of the entire system of functions which manifest as her atmosphere, her ecosystems, her plant and animal life, as well as the awareness held within all of these life-forms.  All of this, taken together, is what the earth-being is aware of in her consciousness.  The soul of the earth has the capacity to feel and to know the lives and expressions of all that lives within and upon her.

      Given this capacity to know and to feel, the earth is realizing and coming into awareness of the fact that a transition is needing to be made into a more vibrant, more coherent, more unified light-body, and that this light-body will emerge out of the transformation of the physical body.   She is trying to accelerate movement in the direction of this change and is presently being held back by forces of darkness that are trying to prevent movement forward.  The earth-being’s life affects the lives of all that inhabit her planetary body, and visa versa.  She cannot sustain herself in the presence of the intruding forces of darkness if those who are her inhabitants give vent to and align with the intentionality of darkness.  Then, it will be both a matter of actions taken that depart from the light and prevent further expansion, and also a matter of a consciousness shift in the opposite direction, toward greater separation instead of toward greater unity.  In this sense, there is a state of need and of cooperation that is presently felt by the consciousness of the earth for the human species to cooperate in the change that is trying to take place - to move in concert with the purposes of life and with the activation of forces within her cellular body in order to defeat the forces of darkness that would have the outcome be otherwise.  This defeat is inevitable, in any case, though the struggle to accomplish it may be more or less serious, since the situation does not rest solely on the wise or unwise choices of mankind in relation to acting responsibly, but on the intentionality of God and of the spiritual realms to see to it that the plan for the earth, instituted at the time of Creation, is carried to its conclusion.  This plan is for the earth as a being to join with the higher realms of light in becoming an illuminated and sacred planet.  May all be blessed by the greatness of the earth's love for her children and receive this blessing within the unity of life.  Amen.



*   *   *



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