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March 6, 2006



      The question arises concerning those who have recently departed or who are just departing the earth plane at this time through death: Why would souls choose to leave at this time before the earth’s transition?  And also, why do souls choose to be here?  If those who remain will become more light-filled and more conscious along with the earth, what happens to those who have departed?

      The answer to this question should involve no misunderstanding: The earth is changing in a fundamental way into a higher vibration of light, and those who are incarnated at this time will change along with her.  The departing of souls at this time signals a readiness on their part to continue their journey in a slower way, with more attention to certain other issues that are still in need of healing.  The learning of each soul, no matter what choice has been made, is a choice that has been made by the soul, not a choice that has been enforced upon them.  The desire to continue learning within the emotional realm, for example, may seem more important to a soul because of deficits experienced or relationships that are incomplete than the matter of increased awareness of light and of God.  This is a soul’s choice, and it is up to each soul before incarnating to decide the parameters of their experience.

      It is important to understand that there are no ‘better than’ or ‘worse than’ souls in relation to whether they choose to go through the earth’s transition at this time.  It is a matter of each finding the focal point of their own development and remaining true to that focal point in a way that will advance growth to the greatest degree.  One does not have to feel sorry for souls who are not here at this time since they are accomplishing what they have set out to do both in the incarnation just past and in the ones that will come. 

      In terms of a changed earth, there is a mystery regarding the choice for future incarnations that remains for those who have not yet fully comprehended the idea of a multi-dimensional reality.  It is this: that those who will continue with the earth’s evolution as she presently is will have one experience of earth and of life.  For those who will be at a different vibrational level of body and consciousness there will be another experience of earth and of life that will be different from the first.  This is not to say that there will be two physical earths in the same solar system in the same reality.  Only that there are different possible realities for a soul to choose from when the decision is made to reincarnate.

      The question naturally arises concerning couples who have been separated through death, or parents who have lost children, or children who have lost parents, etc., and whether they will travel in different realities in the future or be reunited again.  This is a complex matter that cannot be easily described.  It has to do with the karmic interrelationships among souls and whether the balance toward these is stronger than the pull for individualized learning within the soul’s own inner life.  Where the relationship aspect is stronger, souls will choose to travel in realities that they might not find themselves exactly fitting into in order to be with their loved ones or in order to complete the relationship which has been so important to them in their soul’s history.  The choice is theirs.

      Where there is a concern about possible separation from loved ones who, it is imagined, could not make the choice to be in the future expanded reality with oneself, nor could one choose to be in the alternative reality with the other, and yet the desire remains not to separate from them, there are several things to bear in mind: 

      First, that there is never a time in which communication with souls who have passed on is not possible.  Communication is always possible.  It is just the limitation of density within three-dimensional reality and of consciousness - that is, of believing it to be impossible - that makes for the difficulty in communication.   Once the transition has been made into light, much more will take place in the way of communication with those in other realms, including with those who are no longer incarnate within this evolutionary cycle but are moving ahead within others.  It is a matter of changing our picture of reality into one that is more complex and in which much more is possible.

      In addition to this, there are reasons that souls choose to stay together out of the bonds of great love.  In such cases, one makes the choice that even though it is possible to go on, one will not go on until the other can come as well.  This, too, is a viable choice, even though, as mentioned, it may be that the soul does not fit in as well with the environment in which they are living.

      For both reasons, it is important to know that what is loved is not lost, and that what is wished for in the way of remaining close to the beloved, will be.

      In the end, it is part of God’s love and mercy that initiated and that fuels the process of spiritual evolution, that also gives to each soul the choice and the opportunity to grow and learn in the ways that are necessary and that are chosen.  It is this love that makes available to each, the situation and context in which maximum growth and learning can take place.  For those in doubt, perhaps it will be easier to remember the truth that ‘what is loved is never lost’, since love crosses all dimensions and all realms of space and time and beyond time.  Therefore, there is never a reason to fear losing loved ones, for they are always with you, not only in memory but in the ties that are eternal.


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The purpose of Light Omega is to bring us all into greater planetary consciousness with awareness of the suffering of others and with a willingness to remain awake to the challenges, dangers, and possibilities we face today.

Julie Redstone









It is a matter of each (soul) finding the focal point of their own development and remaining true to that focal point in a way that will advance growth to the greatest degree.
























...there are reasons that souls choose to stay together out of bonds of great love.  In such cases, one makes the choice that even though it is possible to go on, one will not go on until the other can come as well.







But for the breath of God we would not be here at all,

For we are, in substance and in heart, fashioned out of Divine life,

            out of spiritual air and sacred matter

            wedded to each other in the form of a  sacred human.

This is the meaning of the word ‘human,’

That the Divine breath that is ‘hu’ – breathed life into the 'manas'

            which is the mental body of man,

Creating the idea, first, of what each individual spark of life would be.

When that spark of life retreats from its physical container

            it retains the Breath which is its own divinity

            and returns to another level of its sacred being.

The body dissolves into the infinite and universal,

Remaining quiet, remaining serene,

Until the next infusion of Breath gathers

            the wandering molecules of life

            into a new material form that contains the soul.

Thus does new life eternally begin.

Praise for the love that out of holy Breath created

         each spark of life to celebrate and honor

                 the oneness of All.



*   *   * 


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