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March 9, 2006



      There is a promise that was made to mankind at the beginning of time, and that is that a path of return would be provided for souls to once again know their place within God’s being after a time of individuation and separation.  This promise is coming due now and it has to do with the possibility for souls to realize their individual identity as separate and unique while experiencing themselves as fully joined to the All that is God.  The completeness of this union has not been possible before for most souls but the drawing together of the spiritual dimensions toward the physical, today, and visa versa, is what is making this possible.

      Multi-dimensionality involves the understanding that reality is composed of more than the physical universe, and that the physical universe is but one part of many universes that exist at different levels of vibration, most of them not of a physical nature.  These universes are not ‘parallel’ to the physical universe; they are within it and around it.  In other words, they exist simultaneously as other expressions of the same reality that is taking place within three-dimensionality, raised to a different level of consciousness and awareness.  It would be as if you could take a beautiful setting or a particularly lovely landscape and look at it as you would see it through different filters, each filter creating a different perspective.  In the case of multi-dimensional reality, the filters are the states of consciousness that human beings are capable of and the perception of the same reality will be altered in keeping with that state of consciousness. 

      For example, if we are looking at a landscape, someone who loves birds might be looking at the trees to see what kinds of birds might be seen, while someone else might be looking at the overall image of sky and trees as if it were a painting, attending to the colors, patterns and harmony.  These two perceptions would be different from each other but they would still be responses to the physical realm. 

      Now, take that same landscape and imagine looking at it not with outer eyes but with inner.  The landscape would reveal the hidden aspect of light and life within the various life-forms.  The trees, plants, and animals would be shining with life.  That would be a different dimensional experience of this landscape.  Now take that same landscape and imagine seeing within the trees and within the sky the presence of God as a living Being, expressing in different shapes and forms but nevertheless formless.  That perception would be different from the one that saw living forms as shining. 

      Now take that same landscape and imagine feeling (from the inside) what it was like to be a tree, or a bird, or a cloud, or sky - feeling ‘inside’ or ‘part of’ each of these representations of God while still experiencing God as infusing all, and still experiencing oneself as part of the overall, living Oneness.  That would still be a different experience.

      Multi-dimensionality has that same characteristic – that the same phenomenon or reality can be perceived from different perspectives.  The lower ones are included in the higher.  However, the higher perspectives cannot be included in the lower until a way has been prepared for them within the consciousness of the one who is perceiving.  That way is the path of light that opens doorways for the soul to the higher dimensions of reality.  These doorways are being opened now because it is time for human consciousness to be reunited with its origins and essence, and so there are and will be many more people who have experiences of changed perception that may come about spontaneously or without explanation.  These will happen simply because the higher dimensions have drawn closer to the physical dimension and the physical to the higher, and more communication is therefore possible.

      With respect to the earth changes spoken of in relation to Departing Souls, what is necessary to understand is that the vibrational shift that the earth will go through will not alter the capacity for life, love, relationships, seeking, spirituality or any other aspect of experience for those who are not incarnated in bodies at this time.  They will continue on in linear time when they next enter a physical body and their growth, love, learning, and advancement will take place in the progression that it was in before.  The difference with the earth’s transition at this time, however, is that it makes possible a quantum leap – a non-linear advancement - into a new level of awareness and a new vibrational dimension, so that a large change will take place for people as their bodies relatively quickly become raised to a new vibration of light and as their consciousness changes as a result.  This quantum leap forward is a leap into a higher dimension.  Though it is a leap that has been prepared for in the course of history and particularly in the course of the last fifty years, it is nevertheless something that will feel unfamiliar and unknown to many people and there will need to be a period of adaptation in order to become familiar with the new perception of reality. 

      Regarding the separation between those who are on the earth at this time and are part of this transition and those who have passed on recently or a long time ago, what is important to emphasize is that the longings of the heart prompt reconnection with others along pathways of correspondence that are set out beyond time and space.  These pathways of correspondence or ‘resonance’ draw souls together even out of different realities where love or need is strong enough, so that those for whom the heart longs are not, and cannot be, separated from their loved ones due to any external change.  The ties of the heart are the strongest ties that exist and they make possible what would not be possible under other circumstances – the reunion of two souls or two hearts who, if left to their own pursuits individually, might not easily share the same spiritual vibration.  This inseparability of two who love is based on the fact that love is the strongest force in the universe.  It binds hearts together in a way that crosses all dimensions and that no circumstance within God’s creation can alter.


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Julie Redstone





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