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March 16, 2006



      The Realms of Light include many beings that are part of God’s creation, some of whom have been through the earth’s evolutionary cycle and some of whom have been created apart from that evolutionary pattern.  These beings work together to serve God’s purposes in concert with Divine mind, helping to further the purposes of Creation throughout the manifested universe. 

      This participation in Creation does not just pertain to the physical realm of being, but to all the realms of being, both physical and non-physical.  When you think of the physically manifested universe and its size, it is easy to believe that this is all there is.  However, the truth is that there are universes beyond universes, each of them a distinct sphere of life and a distinct pattern of Creation within the mind of God.  The physical universe of which the earth is a part, is but one. 

      The Realms of Light are part of the right ‘hand’ of God in seeing that the vibrational frequency of each of these universes is maintained at the proper harmonic, and that all of the forms that serve life throughout the universe are supported in the ways in which they need to be.  This includes attending to the intricate balance between that which is a physical support to life and that which is a non-physical support to life. 

      In addition to this, the Realms of Light also offer to those who seek, a path of advancement so that those who are on their way toward God-consciousness can fulfill that desire with less difficulty than if they were not receiving help.

      Finally, there is the factor of preventing the encroaching forces of darkness throughout the planetary systems and throughout the populated universe(s) from gaining control over life-forms that are unsuspecting concerning their motives and intentions.  This work of preventing the expansion of darkness and reducing the sphere of its influence is as important as all the others, for it is necessary to be in relationship with these forces in an ongoing way as their intention is to disturb the prevailing harmonic of peace and love throughout the universe and to bring about disunity, chaos, and confusion. 

      The Realms of Light look after the earth in a special way and after other planets that have a similar evolutionary pattern that has involved a long period of time spent in density and separated consciousness.  For these planets have a special mission to perform on behalf of the entire universe.  While the planet, Earth, is unique in its mission of bringing the greatest degree of separation and darkness to the light, other Earth-like planets also exist that have similar missions, though they may not have the same degree of density nor the same degree of separation.  For this reason, those of the Light watch especially closely over these sacred planets to ensure that while the period of separation and learning about selfhood is taking place, the dark forces do not gain a foothold within the consciousness of mankind.

      That is why the time we are in is so critical, because with the expansion of light, the purpose for which the Earth came into being is being realized as she returns to light, and the intentionality of the dark forces to prevent this has become even stronger.  It is for this reason that beings of the Realms of Light request the cooperation and faithful dedication of those who have been touched in any way by light and its purposes, to join with them in maintaining the sacred vibration of light and love on the earth at a time when the forces of disunity and destruction are rampant.

      In addition to the above, there are those who wonder if beings of the Realms of Light are human-like in their emotions or personal identities.  This question is difficult to answer.  The personality as we know it no longer functions as it does upon the earth plane but that does not mean that individual beings do not have personal qualities or characteristics that they shine in, and others that are less prominent.  Each being has their own unique contribution to make to the refraction of spiritual light that has many rays and many different qualities of consciousness – all of which derive from the One light that is All.  And so though there are different qualities and perceptions from one to another, there are not personalities as that term is used on the earth.  Furthermore, some beings of the Light have never been through the earth’s evolution and were created as cosmic beings – that is, beings specifically created to fulfill cosmic purposes in holding a particular vibration throughout Creation.  These beings join with those who have been through the earth’s evolution in continual harmony and love so that their work together is joined in service to the entire galaxy and beyond this, to the entire universe. 

      There are those beings who have certain close ties with particular groups of individuals upon the earth that have arisen either from the choice of a particular path of service, or from that being’s former lives upon the earth.  In either case, the beings who are called Masters have individual students and groups of students throughout the earth and on different planets who can particularly benefit from association with their vibration, and there is close communication between the Teacher and the students, sometimes conscious, but often unconscious on the part of the student until a certain level of advancement along the path of Light has been made.

      What is important to say, in closing, is that the heart that beats within every being of the Realms of Light is one Heart, it is God’s heart, and it carries the vibration of love throughout the higher realms which all beings of Light participate in and seek to extend into the many created universes.


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The purpose of Light Omega is to bring us all into greater planetary consciousness with awareness of the suffering of others and with a willingness to remain awake to the challenges, dangers, and possibilities we face today.

Julie Redstone






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