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March 20, 2006



 Star Poems: a new section now open on the LIGHT OMEGA website based on the images of the Hubble and Spitzer Space telescopes.    

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      The heavens are populated by millions of stars whose reality and beauty have been brought home to us through the magic of the Hubble telescope and others like it of recent vintage.  These extraordinary instruments have enabled those of us on the ground to be in the sky as well – to see what no human eye has ever seen before.  Because of this gift, we are offered an opportunity to experience the vastness of the universe and the beauty of Creation in a way that was only possible to imagine before, not to see or to feel.

      New images of the heavens have brought us new information.  They have given scientists material to work with and unravel for years ahead.  Yet these same images can offer more than information – they can offer spiritual truths to those who seek them, truths that can only be obtained through communion of an inner kind with what one wants to know.

      The universe of stars is part of the glory of God’s creation.  It is the Word made manifest.  Created in the beginning as an example of radiance that would show God’s splendor to all who could see, stars are radiant beings that shed forth perpetual light during the long cycle of their life.  Eventually, their life cycle completes itself and they die, at which time they return to pure energy and dissipate.  The glory of the stars is part of the seed-thought in the mind of God that would display to human and other souls an understanding of infinity.  Each star is en-souled by a being that has the stature of its star body which is simultaneously larger and more radiant than a planetary body.  These star-beings are not like human beings in their consciousness, for their purpose within the stellar system is to communicate light and to interconnect points of spiritual light throughout the manifested universe.  The radiance of physical light is but one dimension of radiance that stars emanate, however.  The more powerful stars radiate along invisible and visible dimensions, and the quality of light differs from one star to the other.  Here, we are not talking about red stars, or blue stars, or white stars and which are hotter.  We are speaking of the inner fire which is the source of the radiance and how powerful that is.  There can therefore be a smaller star that is quite powerful and a larger one that is not.  The radiance of light throughout the universe(s) is, in the mind of God, a way of holding the fabric of manifestation within a harmonic of spiritual light in a way that preserves a tonality of peace and love.  It is for this reason that when people look up at the stars at night they feel tranquil and also small, because the stars convey in their vibrational frequency, both tranquility and infinity.  There is much yet to be learned about the spiritual essence of star formations, for each has a purpose that it serves within the manifested universe.  What this purpose may be differs from star to star and constellation to constellation, but the specific frequency of vibration that each holds within the overall vibration of tranquility and unity within infinity, depends on the quality of consciousness that is at the star’s core.

      Aldebaran, for example, within the constellation Taurus, is a star of great power and magnificence.  Aldebaran casts its spiritual light far beyond this galaxy into galaxies that are far away, measured in light years.  Aldebaran’s purpose amidst the many millions of stars of the Milky Way is to hold the vibration of quiet hope for the many souls who witness the heavens and are glad.  The constellation Cassiopeia, for another example, has a purpose that integrates the purposes of its individual stars.  The purpose of Cassiopeia is to disseminate the light of truth to all who can be touched by this vibration and to create an understanding of the value of truthfulness.  Cassiopeia’s light is not as extensive as Aldebaran’s but it reaches into the depths of souls and conveys to them a moral sensibility of valuing truth.  Another star of some importance is the North Star, Polaris, part of the Little Dipper.  In the northern sky, this star during the present precessional cycle points the way home.  Indeed, it directs all who see it toward the imaging of home and toward a longing for reunion with the Beloved who is God.  The North Star, also called the Lodestar, guides those on the seas who can navigate by her location; on a spiritual level it guides all who are ‘at sea’ or feeling lost so that they see and hear a beacon that feels like home.

      The aliveness of the heavens need not become an esoteric dilemma.  It can be understood as God creating through the Word, both at the beginning of time and throughout time.  It can also be shared in as an experience of life and light that becomes possible when there is a desire to participate in the life of the heavens.  In this sense, it is possible to enter into a state of oneness with star-formations or any aspect of physical or non-physical life because we are made to experience such oneness, and now is the time for what has lain dormant in the area of perception to become active and available

      What is needed is a transition out of the mind's observing into a more direct perception of life.  Instead of viewing life, or, in this case the Hubble and other images, as if one were ‘in front of them’, one needs to go inside the image itself, into the vast and darkened space that is the nighttime sky, illuminated by a myriad of lights.  Such a transition of perception is possible for anyone and will become increasingly so as the self begins to identify more with the soul-level experience and as resistance to being part of a larger whole vanishes.  The mystical experience that poets, philosophers, prophets, visionaries, and artists of many varieties have had throughout time is about to become part of mankind’s experience on a more widespread level.

      As an observer, one can look at the stars, see their beauty, feel their splendor, perceive the infinite number that there appear to be, all of which places us in relationship with a magnificent and compelling part of God’s creation.  However, to become one with the star-formations is a different thing.  It is to participate in their aliveness, to feel how they were created, to rejoice in the light that emanates, to move with the interstellar clouds that make up the many variegated nebulae, to feel the inner activity within the womb and belly of gestating star-clusters as they form new stars – all of this is to feel part of the immediate life of the universe.

            I invite you, when you look at the starscape images and read the STAR POEMS to do this, and in the days that follow, to look around you at the ordinary and not-so-ordinary things of your own life and see where the path of oneness will take you.  Do not doubt your ability to see.  It is there, waiting to be welcomed.


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