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March 27, 2006



      We need to be prepared in life for things that cannot be changed that our hearts tell us we wish for, and things that must be changed that in the present moment seem intractable.  This limitation of life lived in space and time is an essential feature of being human and it pervades all aspects of thought and culture throughout history.  Within physical reality, one can create according to the power of thought and the use of will, but such creations do not happen immediately, for the most part, because the immediacy of creating on the physical plane is limited by the density of matter and the way in which matter has, heretofore, been capable or not capable of holding the higher vibrations of light.  Now, however, all this is about to change, and what was not possible before will become possible.  The power of thought will manifest more easily and changes that were long awaited and long sought after will become more available because the resistance of matter will no longer hold back that which is emitted by the greater energy of light. 

      This is a welcome change, and it gives to each one the power of choice over their lives in a way that has never existed before.  However, it also means that the power of separated thought and of thought that rejects light or that contains darkness has greater power to manifest as well.  For this reason, the energy that each of us puts into the world must be more carefully monitored so that what holds a vibration that is less than we would wish does not more easily become a reality.  This is often the case in the heat of a moment when we react with pain or anger in a way that does not represent our deeper self.

      The possibility for co-creating life with God is one that has been ordained at the beginning of time.  It is part of God’s Covenant with man, established in the beginning, that humanity would eventually realize its true potential as co-creators in the shaping of reality.  At this present moment, while colliding forces want to take the world and individuals within it in different directions, the increased amount of spiritual light present can work to manifest things in either direction, and powerfully so.  There can be more of an upsurge of darkness given expression and there can be more available light given expression.  Since light is ultimately more powerful than darkness it will, in the end, accomplish its aims and the aims of darkness will no longer hold sway.  However, there is an interim period, one that we are in now, in which the increased light that is present can result in the creation of pain and heartache for many while darkness continues to be able to express freely.  Our hearts must be prepared for this eventuality, even while we celebrate the many changes that are now possible on the level of the body, of consciousness, and on the level of relationship with God.  In the end, there will be a victory for light which partakes of the wholeness of God in a way that darkness never can.  In the meantime, it behooves each of us to treat with care our own balance of thought and feeling so that we participate in the highest possible way with the forces of good that are presently sweeping the planet, and not give more currency to forces which seek to prevent this expansion. Our prayer must be that the forces of light be victorious over all that wishes to prevent their expression and that we, ourselves, become instruments of the highest light of God in mind, body, heart, and soul.  Blessings and amen.

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The purpose of Light Omega is to bring us all into greater planetary consciousness with awareness of the suffering of others and with a willingness to remain awake to the challenges, dangers, and possibilities we face today.

Julie Redstone






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