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July 17, 2006




     In the midst of the violence and turmoil that is going on in the Middle East, there is a great event happening of a spiritual nature that has to do with the purification of the rage and hostility that has lain dormant for centuries within the hearts of many within the Arab and Jewish world.  The fact that it has also given rise to repeated earlier occasions of war, violence, and conflict does not mean that the purification of rage is not taking place, only that the well from which it is drawn has been opened up before and has become the source of action before.  Now, however, the movement into consciousness of this rage has the opportunity of being transformed due to the greater light that is present on the earth, and though this is nowhere visible in the present situation in which only hatred, mistrust, and a desire to defeat the intentions of the other side are being displayed, it is nevertheless the deeper truth behind the present upsurge of violence. 

     What we are viewing today in Israel and Lebanon is a 'puncture' of the earth's energy body which is presently releasing in virulent form the more latent aspects of darkness that it has carried for decades if not centuries.  There is a reason to be confident regarding the future outcome of this very painful and destructive event, though at the same time to be at one with the suffering of the many on both sides whose lives are being completely disrupted by the unforeseen occurrence of upheaval, danger, and destruction.  This is not something that can be taken lightly, even if the outcome will be one that ultimately serves the good.  The purification of darkness in its outer expression can never simply be seen as something that will eventually be good for people, for the immediate consequences are too painful and the loss of human life too precious.  Nevertheless, it is still important to know that this pocket of virulent hatred, in the presence of greater light, is being opened up upon the earth's surface and within the earth's energy body in order to release something that has festered there like a poison, and to cleanse a wound that has been covered over by the flimsiest of coverings. This covering did little to salve the pain that has been carried there for a very long time.

     The people who are most affected by the present upsurge of violence need to have our compassion as they need also to have our prayers.  We need to be able to hold the light for those suffering at the hands of the rockets, missiles, bombs, AK-47s, artillery, and other forms of destruction, so that we join with them in their distress and in their need to let go of all that they have held dear, in order to flee to a place of safety.

     What the force of light is doing in this situation is to create a break with the past that can bring something new into being.  It is not evident yet that this will be the outcome, nor is it evident that this is a break with the past since there are many other wars that Israel has fought with her neighbors since the creation of the nation-state in 1948.  And yet our immediate response to this terrible upheaval has to be one of hope for the new as well as one of sorrow, for the outcome of what is being purged will ultimately be of benefit to life in this region, as it will be of benefit to the earth itself. 

     This is a difficult position to take in the midst of war, for whether declared or not, the present conflict has already reached the state of 'war'.  It is the position of having hope in the presence of what appears to be hopeless, namely, the possibility of peace in this region, and at the same time of being immediately, and presently, and wholeheartedly concerned for the safety, livelihoods, and emotions of those whose lives are presently being disrupted in such a painful way. 

     The heart that cannot carry hope while at the same time being one with the suffering and danger involved, is a heart that will fall more easily into despair since the images of violence, the words of hatred, and the threats of reprisals are everywhere.  A heart that can only fear the worst happening, namely, more destruction and a larger war that will lead to the involvement of other nations, is a heart that is vulnerable to darkness that does not know in an intimate way that God is holding everything within the greater force of light and love. 

     By contrast, the heart that can only hope and see the positive outcome will not fully experience its own humanity nor be able to fully know what love is in its expanded form as it applies to all of mankind.  It will remove itself from suffering, and calm itself with an image of the future. 

     To be able to hold both hope, compassion, and, indeed, sorrow for the losses that are taking place on both sides at this time, is to be able to stay aligned with God no matter what one thinks of the immediate precipitants of this conflict, or who is more right and who more at fault in relation to the actual cause of this upheaval.

     We need, at this time, to remain faithful to all that we know of the relationship of God's love to the presence of suffering.  We need to understand how God can be present in the midst of suffering and in the midst of human actions that are clearly not what light and love would wish to be taking place.  We need to have hope that  out of destruction, out of death, and out of the present violence which shall lead to more violence before it is over, shall come a new beginning for Israel and its neighbors, and out of this beginning shall come a greater possibility for peace than has existed before. 

     We, who wish to hold the light for the earth in a conscious and deliberate way, need to pray for the people of Lebanon, of Gaza, of Beirut, of Haifa, and for all those everywhere whose lives and properties have involved dispossession, threat, and dislocation.  We need to pray and to hold judgment in suspension so that we can be a force for good on the earth rather than a force for anger and hatred.  In this way we remain aligned with spiritual purpose and truth and can be of the greatest help to the earth while it continues to free itself of that which obscures the light.



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