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July 24, 2006




     We live in a time of great upheavals, both to the earth and to the consciousness of those who live upon the earth.   Many are being changed, some without even knowing that this is happening.  The earth's vibrational body is already beginning to carry more light and so the upsurge of darkness within human beings individually and within the consciousness of humanity as a whole is being purified.  In the process, darkness is being released that has been contained for a very long time.  Though this is a cause for celebration, it is also a time for sorrow, for we are, in the process, witnessing the outpicturing of events created by this newly released darkness that are causing great unhappiness and destruction for people and that will continue to do so in the future.  This will not happen as a result of God's intention, for God only wishes for peace for his beloved children, but through the agency of those forces that are opposed to the expansion of light and to the change that the earth is presently undergoing.  It is a significant moment in the spiritual history of mankind, and it is one that we have each come here to participate in. 

     The present situation in the Middle East is but one conflagration out of others that give evidence of behaviors and emotions that seem to be spiraling out of control, making little sense to the rational mind or to the hopeful heart that wants the world to be at peace and for love to prevail.  Nevertheless, in the time we are in, the expression of darkness links with human motives, joining with essentially non-violent motives so that it appears to the consciousness of those who become embattled that violence is the only way of achieving what their hearts tell them is most needed.  Were it not for the intervention of darkness on the level of the mind and heart, this perception of necessity would not take place with such force.  Other alternatives would seem possible and, indeed, would be available.  But the effect of the energy of darkness is to cloud the mind and to corrupt the deeper wisdom of the heart, so that the perception of reality is altered and so that in order to protect oneself and pursue what seems like the 'right' course, a path of destruction is initiated.  This distortion in the perception of what is needed and what is 'right' is a key component of how darkness works to alter perception in those whom it affects.

     In order to deal with this intrusion into human motives of forces that wish to harness them for their own ends, it is essential that we have an inner anchor to turn to that is not willing to align with these distortions.  This anchor cannot be based on what the news media tell us is happening, or what our minds tell us is happening, or on any opinion or judgment of anyone concerning what should be happening elsewhere in the world.  The alignment that is needed is one of believing in love, of trusting in God's love, and of being willing to remain faithful to the principle of love showing the way.  This is in contrast to what darkness would have souls believe which is that violent action is the way to achieve peace.  This is not true and can never be true.  As it was said in the past: "He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword." 

     There is much to be done in order to achieve this precious alignment with love and truth so that neither collective emotionality nor the largely biased reports we are presented with by news media are what shapes our consciousness concerning outer events.  To achieve this alignment, we must be strong in our own sense of truth and our own ability to go within and ask what God's eyes would have us see, and what God's heart would have us feel.  Proceeding in this way, the answer will never be violence and destruction.  It will always be some variation of trust and love. 

     While we are waiting for the world to change in the direction of manifesting the greater light present in the earth's atmosphere and the greater capacity for love that this will bring to consciousness,  we can prepare the way within ourselves to help anchor this light, even before it is more universally felt upon the earth.  We can eradicate from our own perceptions our willingness to become angry and judgmental, and we can be willing to not come up with a ready answer to very pressing problems out of a sense of impatience, but rather to wait for an answer that seems right.  This applies not only to our perception of what is going on in the Middle East or elsewhere in the world.  It also applies to what is going on within our own lives. 

     The increased need to know 'what to do' about something comes up because many are facing new and challenging circumstances in life, circumstances which make the road ahead unclear, any choice for forward movement uncertain, and the guidelines often vague.  It is precisely in this kind of situation that we need to wait for clearer direction rather than to move forward just because there is a need to do so.  In the time of waiting, we need to continue to turn to our inner wisdom which is the wisdom of our soul connected with God, that allows us to receive the way of truth being offered to us with greater recognition when it appears.  The fact that we may have to wait for it to appear is part of our learning of how to trust God's love for us, God's timing for when things need to happen, and our own strength and determination in following a path that conforms to God's intentions and to our own soul's purpose.

     The times ahead that will bring the new into being have already begun.  Yet in this initial upsurge of darkness onto the world stage, or in the presence of the pain or difficulty we experience in our own lives, we need to remain steadfast in our capacity to turn to our hearts as the source of guidance for what is needed and as the source of wisdom as to how to perceive what is going on.  When we do this, we liberate ourselves from the influences which are presently trying to cloud perception and to move people and forces in ways that will lead to increased chaos and conflict.  In addition, by doing this, we remain anchorpoints not only for ourselves, but also for others who, within the vast network of consciousness within which we all live, will be affected by our steadiness.

     May all receive God's blessings in the time ahead and may the earth move most swiftly into the new vibration of light and love that is presently arriving.     


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Julie Redstone





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