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August 14, 2006




     In the midst of darkness a great light is being born.  It is not a light that is visible to the outer eyes but it is one that can be felt within the heart as the light of hope and of new beginnings.  This light promises to replace the despair and heartache that are so prevalent in different areas of the world as it also promises to replace the misuse of power and abuse of human rights that are also prevalent in the world. 

     The light of hope is the gift of God to Creation, coming at a time that has been ordained from the beginning as that which would be needed to counteract the forces of darkness at a time of the earth's transcendence into the higher vibrations of light.  It is not visible yet but it shall be, and it is necessary to cling to that hope in the midst of the thickened cloud of darkness that surrounds both outer events on the earth and inner events within our own hearts that cause discouragement, impatience, and doubt.

     The promise of a new beginning is least seen where violence continues to erupt and in every town, city, and nation where human life is not counted as being of great value, but where it is placed in the service of a stated ideal – an ideal that cannot be met because no ideal can be met through the neglectful sacrifice of human life.  Wherever the precious right of the individual to existence is taken for granted and overridden by what appear to be more paramount needs, there the cloud of darkness has descended and covers the hearts of those willing to justify the means according to the ends.

     Within a short space of time the situation will begin to reveal the true proportions of the light.  This is due not to human action but to Divine action which has instituted a means toward a different end for the earth than one of destruction and intensifying chaos and violence.  No matter what goals or aims the ideologues who seek to further their own stated 'ideals' hold, and no matter what actions are taken in service to those false ideals (false, because virtue cannot be built out of inhumanity, nor democracy and freedom out of that which deprives people of basic rights), the tide of human events is turning so that what has been impossible to achieve before now will become possible.

     This may be perceived as wishful thinking by those whose hearts are heavy with the burden of the suffering of others and with the apparent slowness with which the goals of light are being manifested.  It may be perceived with skepticism by those influenced by the clear and present anger and hatred that beats in so many hearts toward others who hold different values.  Nevertheless, the time is coming when the hatred and anger will be replaced by something different – by the capacity to feel that war and violence cannot be tolerated and are no longer viable options because we are one, and because there is no 'other' to fight.  It is this time that every heart is awaiting and it is this time whose light must be held to in the midst of darkness.


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The purpose of Light Omega is to bring us all into greater planetary consciousness with awareness of the suffering of others and with a willingness to remain awake to the challenges, dangers, and possibilities we face today.

Julie Redstone





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