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December 1, 2006



Dear Ones:

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to resume publication of the Newsletter, but I felt it important to offer this update given the intensity of events on the world stage, the instability and violence in a number of areas in the Middle East, the exceedingly high distress level that is operating for people within these areas, and the general level of distress that exists in those who are watching the global scene without knowing what to do. 



      It is a time, Beloveds, of great unrest, where the sources of conflict around the planet are becoming aggravated, intensifying the need to find solutions to these situations.  While it is true that many situations of conflict presently existing in the Middle East and elsewhere are difficult to find simple solutions to, it is not true that the resolution of these conflicts must be through violence or warfare - presently the solutions of choice in many circumstances.  This choice is conditioned by the strong energies of darkness that are seeking to destabilize planetary movement toward the light, restrict the associated movements toward freedom and democracy, and create a deepening of separateness, fearfulness, and paranoia among nations, ethnic groups, and localized indigenous tribes, wherever they may be.  Everywhere the lines are being drawn, and they are being drawn rigidly and with greater ferocity than before.

      To say that the darkness is influencing the behavioral expressions of how groups and individuals seek a resolution to conflict is a way of saying that were these forces not to be present in such force, other solutions to individual and group problems would appear to people and would appear to be more credible.  At present,  there is an obscuring of the credibility of non-violent solutions to many problems and the creation of an overlaying ideology which says that the only way to move forward is to leave behind that which cannot move in the direction that we wish, and to take with us only those who are on our side.  This polarization of viewpoints, this sense that sides are drawn and that  “if you are not with us you are against us,” is the prevailing mentality behind the conflicts in the Middle East.  It is not just an ideological position statement.  It is also a pledge taken in service to the idea of power and to the ideal of justice - both presumed to be correctly interpreted by one’s own side in whatever matter is at hand..

      The interpretation of what ‘justice’ is has varied over the centuries.  In some epochs it has taken into consideration such ideals as the brotherhood of man, the essential equality of the soul, and the strong motivation toward creating peace.  In other epochs these more humane considerations have found themselves tossed overboard like so much excess baggage and the only motive behind the idea of ‘justice’ has been that the ‘other’ not be allowed to be superior in terms of power.  Reducing the formerly powerful to being powerless when one is oneself feeling  powerless becomes the basis for a kind of justice that seeks to redress the imbalance of might, with one’s own side now coming out on top of the heap.

      This perspective on justice has little to do with what true justice is and everything to do with how people seek to change the dynamics of situations in which they feel helpless.  The wish to avoid helplessness is used by the forces of darkness in order to engage individuals and groups in behaviors that would not even be considered if it were seen that the others whom one related to in a situation of conflict were not merely involved in a power struggle, that there were other issues involved, and that one could choose to disengage as well.

      For the present moment, the forces of darkness are having a great influence on the world stage, creating an upsurge of atrocities, dehumanizing actions toward masses of people, sudden violent death, torture, and other acts of brutality and cruelty that have only been witnessed at times in our collective history when the forces of darkness have been in the ascendant.  The tragedy of these times is that it is impossible for most to perceive a road through the situation – a road that might offer a more positive approach to problems or an alternative other than violent means with which to alter conditions.

      Into this general atmosphere come the persuasive energies of darkness, declaring that it is possible to obtain a sense of victory and of power at the expense of the other by demeaning the other and by causing them to lose face and to feel helpless the way one’s own side feels helpless.  The forces of darkness seek to support this argument by further separating those who are troubled by existing conditions from their heart’s humanity, thus reducing whatever modifying influence could have been obtained by the awareness of love and respect for others as human beings.  It is this separation from the heart and from one’s own humanity that gives rise to the unspeakable atrocities and forms of torture that have gained usage in the present conflict in Iraq and elsewhere.

      We, who are witnesses to this tragedy of vast proportions, to the suffering that is being engendered by the disregard for the human rights of large numbers of individuals, need to take a close, hard, look at our own complicity in the events that we feel shocked by.  For it is not a matter of the U.S. witnessing something that is happening outside of and beyond our own sphere of influence.  Rather, it is something that is directly affected by our willingness to become passive observers to this loss of humanity in ourselves and others, and out of this passivity, to feel that there is little we can do about it other than to assert our own power in order to restabilize a situation that seems to be spinning out of control.

      There is another alternative for Iraq, for Palestine, for the Middle East, and for the world, but it is not one that can be realized before it becomes clear that polarizing the interests of ‘us’ and ‘them’, of Palestinians and Israelis, of the Western and the Islamic world, of extremists and non-extremists, of ‘lovers of democracy’ and ‘haters of democracy’, does nothing but further the purposes of darkness in creating hatred and separation in an already inflamed situation.  We become complicit because we are willing to see only enemies around us and to respond only with power, rather than to see with the heart what could become pathways through division into a new way of addressing the needs of all.

      The capacity to do this is very limited at present, but shall grow as the forces of light grow upon the earth and within individual consciousness.  This may seem impossible at present, given the heightened degree of adversarial consciousness that is presently operating, but it is not.  It has already begun.  It is not impossible because light is inherently stronger than darkness and faithfulness to light, once it is seen that there is another alternative than acting out the agendas that come from separation and the desire for power - this faithfulness can bring new solutions to a world that is sadly in need of them and to people, if we are speaking of Iraq and of the Middle East in general, that have already suffered unspeakable tragedy, loss, and horror, in a conflict that seems to have no end.  The important thing is faithfulness, and to remember that there is always another way.


*   *   *


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It is this separation from the heart and from one’s own humanity that gives rise to the unspeakable atrocities and forms of torture that have gained usage in the present conflict in Iraq and elsewhere.












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