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December 7, 2006



Hope is a vital force and its presence is needed not only for ourselves, but in order to maintain and support a network of light around the earth. 


      At times hope appears like a radiant sun upon the earth, shedding its light everywhere, creating a sense of abundance and of bounty. Yet, at other times, hope must traverse a passage through darkness restraining it on both sides, cutting its way through with laser-like sharpness, holding its own against forces pressing in from the left and from the right, remaining relentless and certain as it pursues its course forward despite the pressure that seeks to diminish it.  In a dark time, hope is often of the latter kind, a force of great strength and determination, a force capable of maintaining itself against all odds but one that cannot expand sideways because of the confining pressures of other motives that desire to keep it small, to keep it contained.

      When hope is contracted to the size of a laser-beam cutting through the darkness, it is, in this contraction, less visible, less tangible, and less able to show its effect as a force of light on the totality of its surroundings.  Nevertheless, the virtue of hope does not lie in its expansiveness but simply in its presence – simply in the fact that it is able to exist at all in the midst of circumstances that do not appear hopeful.  This quality of persistence, of endurance and determination, occurs because hope is a vital force whose source is in God, and it is the underlying knowledge of God’s goodness and God’s love that is ultimately the source of hope, no matter what one’s religious belief or spiritual persuasion.

      The presence of hope brings to the heart a cushion for its pain.  Emerging from the soul’s knowledge that all is well and that all is held in God, it brings to pain the understanding that it is bearable, that goodness and love are possible despite the pain, and that one is, in the end, not alone. Hope challenges the belief that darkness would have us hold that we are, in the end, separate and alone, and that all that we can truly believe in is ourselves.  This is the challenge of darkness – to require of us that we hold fast to the knowledge that the illusion of aloneness is not true, and that the illusion that the world is governed by forces that are ultimately destructive and isolating is not real.  Hope, when maintained, challenges these beliefs and maintains a steady path toward what the heart most seeks, namely, its embeddedness in the abode of love that is its natural dwelling place.

      At such times as the forces of darkness are exerting a strong effect on the planetary sphere – through upsurges of violence and rage, through blatant disregard for human rights and for human life, through the justification and practice of cruelty and torture, through the normalization of deception and manipulation, through the replacement of truth by a veneer of half-truths and lies - at such times the vital force of hope continues to maintain its presence in its laser-like penetration of all that is unlike itself.  Indeed, though this presence may be unknown to the mind and emotions, it is always known to the deeper layers of the heart.  For in that deeper place one believes that life is ultimately worthwhile, and that even if one’s own life is filled with pain that is difficult to endure, that it is not life that is at fault, but one’s own capacity to endure that is limited.  In situations of great pain, the conscious self may not know or remember this, but the self connected with the soul always remembers. 

      This faith in life is the source of hope.  It gives meaning to everything that derives from it such as the value of love, of communication, of creativity, of planning for the future, of art, of music, and of every aspect of culture that descends from life itself in its most creative forms of expression.   It is for this reason that we must seek to honor life and not allow the vision of the darkness on both sides of the passageway to become all that we see as we move through the passage.  For this darkness is thick and seeks to eradicate all light that tries to enter it.  It strives to maintain its coherence so that nothing and no one can create an opening through which light can pass. Nevertheless, the laser-like beam of hope effectively creates an opening by its continuing presence, guaranteeing that the darkness can never be completely successful in separating the outer self from the soul, nor the deeper layers of the heart from what the conscious self can remember.  It may seem to be completely successful, and it may be successful for a while, but in the end it cannot succeed because the force of light is of God and the substance of hope is the light which infuses it. 

      In relation to maintaining hope in the presence of pain, it is time for us to mourn for our brothers and sisters in Iraq who are living without hope at this time, suffering greatly with threats to life coming from many sides.  It is time for us to mourn and to grieve with those shattered ones whose mothers and sisters failed to return home from the market where they went to buy food for the family’s dinner -  for those whose brothers, fathers, and uncles disappeared one day, hoisted into a passing truck that took them somewhere – where, no one knows.  It is time for us to grieve for those in a Gaza settlement who were sleeping in their beds when a rocket exploded just above the roof of their house, shattering the supporting beams, exploding shrapnel, and killing all in the family who slept peacefully beneath a star-filled sky.  Indeed, it is time for us to grieve with those everywhere who have become the victims of terror and of sudden death.

      Yet, in the face of wrongdoing, it is important to maintain the force of hope, for without it darkness becomes thicker, separating the heart even further from its deeper truth.  What this means is that we must recognize the internal pressure that often mounts within us in the face of relentless suffering and tragedy, in the face of relentless inhumanity of man to man – a pressure that causes us to respond with despair or anger.  If we are able to avoid these twin pitfalls, we do so in order to continue to move forward with God in a way that allows the maximum amount of light to enter the situation that is the cause of so much pain.  If we veer to the right or to the left, toward despair or toward anger and rage, we not only create more pain for ourselves.  We also diminish the possibility for light to enter the perceptual field of others as they suffer through the process of picking up the pieces of their lives.  This is because we are all connected, and in order to make a contribution to the hearts and lives of those who suffer, we must be able to stand strongly in the passageway of hope, aware of the darkness that presses down on both sides, yet having confidence in our own capacity to walk in trust.  Such confidence is based on an inner knowing that a way will be found to relieve present darkness and suffering through the expansion of God's light as it continues to take place on earth.  This way, once found, will insure that hope can once again expand from the thin, laser-like beam that has illuminated a darkened world, to become the pervasive sunshine that casts its rays everywhere, even into the deepest crevices of the human heart. 


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 the end (the darkness) cannot succeed because the force of light is of God and the substance of hope is the light which infuses it.












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