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December 26, 2006





      When we look at the upsurge of violence and conflict in the world and the rhetoric of fear and hatred that often exists between opposing factions even within the same community or the same people, our hearts reach for a sense of how this comes to be.  It is a question that our hearts ask and that our minds yearn to understand, for it seems inconceivable that brother could harm brother in the way we see happening in so many places in the world.

      Within consciousness, the phenomenon of polarization, separation, and departure from the heart's truth is what gives rise to this type of virulent conflict.  This phenomenon - (for they are all one) - depends upon our seeing the ‘other’ in opposition to ourselves, (hence the word, 'pol-arize'), with opposite motives and malevolent intentions or at least with intentions that are not concerned with our own welfare and wellbeing.  Such polarization is arising much more frequently now, not just based on circumstance, but on circumstance accelerated by the process of planetary purification - on circumstance combined with a tendency, influenced by energies of darkness, to perceive the world in terms of separation, conflict, hatred, and threat.  As a result of such influence, we are more capable of seeing others as less real than ourselves, and also as less than flesh and blood.  Such a tendency cannot simply be called paranoia, for it is more subtle than that. Rather, it is based on the shifting into place of a perceptual 'filter' - one which obscures the motives of the heart and creates an inability in certain situations to see possibilities for reconciliation, cooperation, joining, or empathy.  With this filter in place, we view the ‘other’ as essentially different from ourselves and as having essentially different motives. Polarization is based on the influence of this perceptual filter as it operates through both the innate tendencies of human beings to view life in this way, and through the amplification of this view by energies that seek to enhance division and conflict.  The perceptual filter of polarization creates an image of the 'other' that removes their humanity so that only their adversarial aspects seem important or are stressed.

      The movement toward polarized perception is, in part, based on the human element of fear that has to do with the need for survival and the response to what appear to be threats to that survival. It is also based on the purifying currents of cruelty and brutality that may be arising into consciousness   But as much as it stems from this essential base, it also stems from external currents that seek to amplify this fear and cruelty - to intensify the sense of threat and diminish the role that the heart might play in recognizing some goodness or partial truth in the position of one’s adversary.  In its extreme form, polarization eliminates altogether the possibility for compassion or forgiveness, and instead sees certain others only as a source of danger.  Such perceptions break down the possibility for unity, joining, and love,

      When we look at what is happening in Iraq, in Palestine, between Israel and Palestine, in Darfur, in other sections of Africa, and within the United States, to mention only a few examples, we see the intensification of forces which lead to increased polarization in society.  In all cases, though the scale may differ, this has led to an outbreak of intensified physical violence and seemingly hair-triggered responses to real or anticipated threat to one’s own safety or continued existence. Such polarization is being fueled by energies of separation and hatred or it would not be taking place in this way.  By whatever name these energies are called, they add a dimension of cascading inevitability to create situations of increasing violence that, from a violent beginning, seem to spin out of control.  These energies have, in great measure, lain dormant within the human breast, waiting to be exposed and purified by becoming conscious.  This is the nature of individual purification in operation - a process that involves the separation of light and darkness from within the body and consciousness that joins with the larger global purification process. As a result, there is a heightened willingness of many individual psyches to act out the aspects of darkness that are becoming conscious, a willingness that would not be as present were it not being fueled from multiple levels.

      As we view conditions in the world with our minds as well as our hearts, it is important to remember that what is happening is not pre-destined in its specifics, even though purification is taking place as a result of the advent of greater light on the earth, and even though it is a time of darkness appearing in more places simultaneously.  The influence of light always has an impact on the situation in every moment, and this fact calls to each one who is aware of their own capacity to carry light to hold steadfastly to it, to monitor thoughts and emotions, to contain impulses that may seek some form of negative expression, and to cling to trust in God's love.  Ultimately, this clinging will be successful, though in the moment it may not appear to be so. 

     As purification continues to affect life on earth, the internal dynamics of each individual psyche and body are changing and will continue to change so that what was repressed or dormant within the unconscious becomes conscious and can be healed.  If there is not a clear alignment with light as the process continues, it becomes much easier for the larger forces of darkness to use the emerging aspects of consciousness to its own ends.  For these two levels are often found to work hand in hand - individual purification that creates an internal separation of light and darkness, and the influence of larger forces that seek to manipulate the emerging contents of consciousness so that they are acted out with destructive impact.  This is the origin of how polarization as an inciter of violence becomes more widespread.  It emerges from within and is amplified from without.

      What is there to be done about this?  Above all, we need to strive to maintain our sense of unity with others and our connection with our heart's love.  This means not being influenced by currents of hatred, war-mongering, accusations, and fear-induced motivations.  It means standing in the presence of love toward all, without blame, and with compassion for those who have lost their way and are being greatly influenced by dark energies without their being aware of it.  The actions of those so influenced do not require our compassion or love.  Their hearts and their souls do, not only because they are our brothers, not only because they are children of God, but because each reaps what they sow, and each one who chooses a path of violence will one day have to experience the painful consequences of this as they return to God and to light.

      May all beings find this path of return to their heart's deepest truth. Amen.


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