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February 27, 2007



We, who are witnesses to this time in history, need always to stand in the light. We need to believe in the invisible more than in the visible, and to trust that it is by love and trust in the supremacy of love, that we help the world move closer to its eventual destiny in light. 



      Ina world in which peace does not seem possible and in which conflict seems to escalate beyond the borders of what seems reasonable, we witness the growing rumblings of confrontation between America and Iran.  This impending collision of wills can be viewed from a number of perspectives, but the primary one takes the form of this question: What is it in the way of human consciousness and will that allows all else to be forsaken but the desire for 'power over', rather than the understanding that such a stance cannot, in the end, bring peace, or even the semblance of cooperation among nations with divergent points of view?

      Here, in this standoff between America and Iran, there is the posturing of two mighty nations – one much greater in military might than the other, but the other equally great in terms of will and in terms of a sense of its own dignity and right to maintain its own culture and values.  There is, in this meeting of nations, a desire to push things to their ultimate conclusion it seems, rather than recognizing the necessity for a more humble approach – one that would take into account the diverse nature of different cultural values and different national interests and would allow for them while at the same time seeking a basis for peace and unity.

      The world cannot afford a collision between Iran and the United States, for this collision is being invited and encouraged by forces of darkness that would have the Middle East be brought even further than it is into a state of embattlement, conflict, and even of all-out war.  These energies or forces play an active role in inciting individuals and leaders into positions that are adversarial in relation to each other, and their purpose is destructive, not constructive.  They rely on the element of pride and on the element of perceived threat in order to create fear of a sufficient kind so that counterforce or counterthreat seems like the only legitimate way of responding to a situation.

      In addition to this pressure from behind the scenes toward military engagement, there is also the obvious truth that the United States responds very differently to those who already have power than it does to those who are seeking power.  And from the standpoint of the seeker, it may seem far better from a negotiating standpoint to push through whatever disapproval, threat, and intimidation may occur on the way to a more powerful stance, since when it is finally arrived at, much more seems possible in the way of compromise and negotiation.  This has been seen with respect to both North Korea and China, and also in relation to Pakistan and India, each of whom are now part of the nuclear 'family'.

      We may not be able to do much on an outer level to prevent the course of events from moving in the direction it is moving in, in relation to Iran, for we are witnessing a time of run-away Executive power that seeks to remain unlimited, not only by public disapproval but also by congressional authority.  However, we can do a great deal in the area of consciousness if we realize that by remaining free of fear and focusing on joining with others - even the others who are in Iran and who seek to develop their own position of authority and power in the world - we will contribute more to the awakening of other motives in the collective consciousness than the ones that are presently operating. 

      The United States cannot prevent nations from becoming what they will be because it, as a nation, feels personally threatened by such development.  There are too many potential enemies in the world for this to be the prevailing notion, and in addition to those that already exist, there are those who can become adversaries because, as stated, power is what is recognized rather than the integrity of nations.

      All that has been said needs to contribute to the understanding that there are forces at work in the world that seek to perpetuate and to exaggerate conflict and dissension among nations, to create fear and disharmony, so that the advent of greater light on earth and the era of greater peace that is waiting cannot take root in human consciousness.  We, who are witnesses to this time in history, need always to stand in the light, with an awareness that fear and despair need have no place in our hearts.  In standing with the forces of light, we can hold faithfully to trust in the outcome of the plan for the earth that is presently in operation, bringing more and more light into the physical strata of existence even while darkness and the sense of endangerment abound.  We need to believe in the invisible more than in the visible, and to trust that it is by love and trust in the supremacy of love as a motivating force, that we help the world move closer to its eventual destiny in light.

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