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October 12, 2007


Al Gore's Peace Prize and Planetary Awakening - A Spiritual Commentary

"We thought we were a relative few, alone, and found that we were millions - seedpods blown about by the  wind - seedpods trying to land somewhere, trying to root somewhere so that we could grow new plants - so that we could nurture the earth and give rise to a new generation of hope."   --- From: A Tribute to the Live Earth Concert

Today, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to both Al Gore and to the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for their work to alert the world to the threat of global warming, while offering solutions for dealing with this threat.  As compared with other past recipients of the Peace Prize whose work was more nationally focused such as AungSan Suu Kyi in Burma, Wangari Maathai in Kenya, and Shirin Ebadi in Iran, this year's election promotes a planetary theme of great importance to every inhabitant of the planet, underscoring a universal message that is not just universal by way of analogy, but directly and personally relevant to each person on the earth.

Because the Nobel Committee had many worthy candidates on their list to choose from, it appears significant that the issue chosen and the presentation made was one that affects life everywhere, and that such a presentation has the potential for uniting consciousness in a way that is most necessary at this time and that may not have been possible before.

The choices that are made by scientific, intellectual, and cultural authorities of widespread influence such as the Nobel Committee do not directly influence public policy.  Yet they stand for something of great moral significance in the world's eyes.  And so the focus of their prize, while it may affect some only remotely who learn of it and take it in as an interesting fact of history, will affect others in a more direct way, causing them to question their own involvement with the issue of global warming and their participation in programs for change.

The unification of planetary consciousness is in the air.  It is more than an 'idea' whose time has come.  It is, in its essence, a movement of spiritual progress that is based on vast forces that are bringing the earth into the next stage of her emotional and spiritual evolution.  Thus, the Nobel Committee's decision may be seen as an expression of these forces, and, even though based on scientific data that is increasingly powerful in relation to the present endangerment to the planet, it is important to note that the decision was not made at an earlier time though the data was available. It was made now, reflecting the growing willingness to accept this data as 'real' and to care about the outcome for the earth, for all of humanity, and for future generations.  This awareness, which today seems inevitable, has not been inevitable before now, and is a sign of the shift taking place. 

We can only hope that this step forward will lead to an embracing of planetary citizenship for each inhabitant of the earth, and that smaller, parochial interests will give way before the vast surge of awareness and need that is moving all to embrace the idea of oneness with each other and with the earth at this time.  The Nobel Committee has taken a step in this direction, and in aligning itself with the forces of light and of growth, has expanded the potential for human awareness to move to the next level of its identification and understanding.

As a tribute to this moment of planetary awakening, I would like to share the poem written as a response to the July 7th, 2007 "Live Earth Concert" which affected so many:


A Tribute to the Live Earth Concert - July 7, 2007
A feast of caring for the precious world we share together.

We did not know that it was possible to matter so,
     that each small gesture of caring made throughout the day
     could make a difference of huge proportions.
We thought that only the very large and wealthy could
     save something as big as a planet.
We did not know it was the very small who could become very large,
     who, in their gestures of caring, protecting, limiting, conserving,
     sharing, respecting, considering, and reflecting,
Could make the difference that would restore the sacred balance,
     that would renew the sacred life that is the planetary body.

We thought we were a relative few, alone,
     and found that we were millions -
     seedpods blown about by the wind,
     seedpods trying to land somewhere,
     trying to root somewhere so that we could grow new plants,
So that we could nurture the earth and give rise to a new generation of hope.
Indeed, we were a multitude,
     we were everywhere,
     we were everyone,
     we were passion, and sorrow, and joy, and tears,
     and fear that even our millions would not be enough.

Somewhere though, in the heart that beat solemnly and steadfastly
     through all the music and pageantry, the ritual and the exclamation,
Somewhere, the heart found new strength,
     was given new strength to open even further, to care even more,
     to remember that what is small is big, and that every action
     has consequences.
To remember that what we do matters.


*   *   *



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Julie Redstone





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