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October 24, 2007



The Earth's purification takes place along similar lines to that of individuals.  It is not meant to damage, but to set free that which limits its true expression as a radiant being of light.


As the fires in California rage on, involving hundreds of thousands of acres and more than half a million displaced persons, the heart responds with compassion for the suffering involved, while the mind and the deeper strata of inner knowing seek an answer to the question of why such things happen.

The personal losses and suffering that have afflicted many already in this current situation bring remembrances of Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters of the past. They invite us also to reflect on our understanding of what Nature is in her bounty and in her destructive capacity, and on the relationship of natural occurrences to the Earth's planetary body.  To the extent that we perceive the Earth as a living being - a unified entity with intelligence and a complex set of interrelated systems - Nature may be considered the external manifestation of that complex set of interrelationships, the physical representative of the planetary being itself.  

On one level, the California fires are an illustration of life interrupted – life that one thought could proceed in a continuous and familiar pattern that suddenly must alter its underlying assumptions and continue in a different direction.  This is the story of loss and challenge in the face of all natural disasters, and we witness it today as we have in relation to other disasters of the past.  Suddenly, what has been is gone, and what will be or how it will arrive is not yet known.  It is a story of spiritual courage needed  in order to recover from a set of circumstances which changed life entirely, requiring a new way of living for many, and for many, a new identity.  In this lies a message both for today and for tomorrow.

Understanding Nature also relates to a perception of the Earth as an evolving being – one who is presently undergoing a transformational process known as purification.  This process is  analogous to that by which human beings transform.  The effect of the process is a healing of all that is separated from the light, and the creation of a new body and consciousness that opens up new pathways and opportunities for the Earth and for mankind.  Just as personal purification can involve upheavals and the upsurge into consciousness of previously buried impulses, ideas, and feelings, so, too, can the Earth experience upheavals and eruptions that affect the lives of many.  These eruptions are not meant to destroy, but rather to release bound energies that have held the Earth back from developing further along her evolutionary path. 

Such energies, largely assimilated through human beings and their thoughts and activities, can act as toxins within the Earth's physical and energy bodies.  In order that deeper healing take place, they are released into the atmosphere or into the surface layer of the Earth, precipitating hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the extreme conditions of drought, heat, and high winds which have given rise to the present  situation in California.

All of purification is initiated by the expansion of spiritual light which makes possible the release of the old and the development of a new consciousness, based on the original Divine blueprint that each soul carries.  This is true both for individuals and for the Earth.  The expansion of light upon the Earth is evoking corresponding changes in her physical body, and these changes, interpreted and given meaning by the Earth's cellular consciousness, are initiating their own chain of events, designed to bring the planet and all of her inhabitants to the next stage of their evolutionary journey.

The purpose of purification is benevolent and filled with grace, involving a return of each embodied being to the original purity of their Divine origin and essence. Though often creating turbulence as it proceeds, purification is not meant to damage or wound, but to set free that which limits the true expression of embodied beings in their spiritual essence.    This is true for individuals and for the planetary body.  In the case of the latter, what is set free via the various natural disturbances that have occurred in recent years are the energies that have kept the Earth in a state of imbalance and dysfunction.  Now, a new balance is being sought, one that incorporates the energies of light that are increasingly infusing physical matter, and one that must free itself of negativity and toxicity before the Earth can become a realized, full-bodied planetary being. For the planet, purification involves transformation into a new body that is part matter and part light.

The intensity of the Earth's purification can be seen in the changes in the earth's weather patterns, the frequency of severe hurricanes, in volcanic and seismic activity, and in other natural events that participate in the releasing of bound energy.  Many such events have occurred in recent decades.  Some of these are attributable to global warming.  Yet global warming is not an ultimate cause for this sequence of events, but rather a geophysical symptom on a large scale that can be attributed to an even deeper imbalance that exists at the level of energy and of consciousness.

This interpretation of causality affects the way we view natural disasters, for each has a scientific explanation that is generated by an understanding of ecosystems and human systems, an understanding that arises out of knowledge gained through the Earth-related sciences. Nevertheless, such scientific explanations define only a layer of causality that relates to the physical dimension.  Behind the physical, lies another layer of spiritual meaning which attempts to answer the deeper question concerning why things happen the way they do.

For example, the predisposing conditions regarding the California fires involve measurable factors of drought produced by limited rainfall, increased wind velocity due to the pattern of the Santa Ana winds, unusual heat over previous months or years causing a greater drying out of land and foliage, etc.  This is the layer of physical explanation.  Beneath this is the story of the Earth's purification and the way it manifests in physical occurrences whose timing and intensity have an altogether different set of correlates than what is visible.     

To understand purification is to realize that circumstances of depletion and  imbalance have affected the Earth's physical and energy bodies over a long period of time. Negative energies deposited in the Earth and in the surrounding atmosphere need to be released; systems that are out of balance need to be brought back into line; and the Earth herself needs to be able to expand into greater light.  These are the tasks of purification – to create a new planetary body that is part matter and part light.

Such restoration takes place through the mediation of the biological intelligence of the Earth, an intelligence much vaster and more complex than the human brain.  This intelligence lets the Earth know what needs to happen in order to rectify the systemic imbalances and to release the  energies that are limiting her forward movement.

Within the Earth's consciousness there exists an awareness of all systems and their interrelationship.  While human eyes witness localized geophysical or geographical events taking place at particular points on the Earth - for example, the present conflagration in California - actual causes are more complex.  They are part of the Earth's unified network of interrelated functions which the Earth's consciousness is aware of and seeks to regulate.  

All of the Earth's interrelated systems are involved in her efforts to rebalance herself and to heal what must be healed. Though points of eruption may manifest in separate locations, in reality each  manifestation is like a physical symptom that occurs as part of an underlying process that affects the entire planetary body.  This central process is regulated by a unified consciousness that monitors the wellbeing of the Whole.   

To return to the subject of natural disasters, it is a great sadness when people lose their homes and the cherished and familiar ways of life that have formed the fabric of their previous existence.  Even more tragic is the actual loss of life.  At such times, the heart of the Earth weeps with those who suffer, and regret the losses and displacements that are occurring to her children.  Nevertheless, there is an inner timetable for the emergence of the Earth into light that must be followed, for it is built into the cellular structure of her body and into its original construction.  This construction requires that it respond in a particular way to the increased activity of  greater spiritual light.  This timetable cannot be delayed, nor can it be set aside, for it is meant to bring the Earth and all of her inhabitants forward into a higher level of consciousness and into a new way of life.

Such a holy endeavor as that of purification will enable physical matter to support the life of Spirit from which it will no longer be separate.  It will allow the vibration of light and love to become embodied throughout the Earth and within all of her inhabitants.  It will, in the end, permit the expansion of a new consciousness upon the Earth, one  that will allow all to exist in peace and harmony, no longer separate from the abundant blessings of Spirit.. .


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Julie Redstone





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