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November 8, 2007



In the planetary struggle between light and darkness, the latter will always assert that something that does not fulfill the principle of love must be chosen because of the needs of the moment. .


Whatever one may know or feel about current political conditions in Pakistan and the takeover of power by President Musharraf, it is helpful to add to this picture, a broader spiritual perspective.  This would include a view of energies at work on a planetary level which seek to concentrate power in the hands of a few, using as an excuse, the element of fear and the need for national security.  Because the energetic picture is global, what we see in Pakistan can be considered an archetype for what might happen anywhere, including in America.

The seizure of power for security reasons is an old theme that has formed the foundation for many dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, past and present.  It is not new.  Yet, what is new is the resistance of more and more people to the movements of power – a resistance which is based on a new legitimacy for personal authority and personal power in the regulation of one's life.  This feeling and understanding is the result of the progressive transformation of consciousness through light, and it is affecting the true consciousness of democracy in the world.

It is not possible to know the precise motives that exist in the present seizure of power by the Pakistani president which have given rise to the dismantling of the judiciary and the abandonment of the Constitution, yet all elements reflect a disregard for the rule of law and for the empowerment of a population whom government is meant to serve, not to be served by.  The seizure of power in the hands of  one or several, supported by the military branch of government, is the antithesis of democratic functioning and of the goal of freedom for all people.   

As the Bush administration contemplates its response to the situation in Pakistan, evaluating it in terms of: 1) its need for national security and for President Musharraf's support in its ongoing 'war on terror', 2)  its commitment to uphold democratic process as a principle, and 3) its awareness of Pakistan's nuclear capability,  what is crucial to remember is that: there is always another way, other than choosing means that are wrong in order to achieve an end that is right.  This principle applies both to the conduct of governments and also to the decision to support governments that are brutal, totalitarian, or oppressive because they serve our strategic needs. 

The sequel to the statement that "there is always another way" is the companion assertion that the ends do not justify the means, for the ends and the means are irrevocably linked, and the former are shaped by the latter.  This is a principle best understood in energetic terms – what you partake of, you become. 

America, for example, needs to know that when it supports dictators or oppressors because of its 'national interests', that it cannot serve its national interest, economic interest, or security interest to do so in the long run, however it may appear in the short term.  The short-term outlook, often based on what appears as practical necessity, creates its own demise.  This is to say that in service to the strategic needs of the moment, it sets up other conditions which will eventually undermine those needs, but from a different direction than anticipated.  In this way, though hidden from view for a while, behind the scenes, the means are continually shaping the ends.

The relevance of the present situation to the planetary struggle between light and darkness is this: that the forces of darkness will always assert that something that does not fulfill the principle of love must be chosen because of the needs of the moment, and in the moment of choice, in the moment of decision-making, our will to adhere to the principle of love can be sorely tested.  Yet, those who can remain anchored in light and not in fear will be able to help themselves and others most effectively by not believing what the voices of others tell them, especially when these voices declare that something can happen in only one way.  

From a place of light, a consciousness in light can remain aligned with a different outlook, other than one that compromises what is right.    Such an outlook can remain the decisive feature in situations of choice such as the present one concerning Pakistan.  It can remain the decisive feature when fear is invoked in any situation, especially by political leaders.  And it can remain the decisive feature in our own lives, when we find ourselves seeking to justify ways of behaving that depart from the light. 

As we adhere to the principle of love and of 'the end not justifying the mean', each individual who remains anchored in this way has a great and beneficial effect on the consciousness of others.  As a result, each one becomes able to assist with the healing and transformation of  the earth into light, and with the creation of new structures that can support freedom and peace..


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Julie Redstone





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