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November 26, 2007



The forces of darkness have gathered to prevent the present expansion of light on Earth, yet their power has been harnessed by the forces of light so that no matter how much they struggle, they cannot prevail.


For the Earth and her inhabitants, it is the end of the period of waiting.  What has not been manifest before now shall now come into being.  The forces of darkness have gathered to prevent the expansion of light on Earth, yet their power has been harnessed by the forces of light so that no matter how much they struggle to inundate those who are strengthening in  light, they cannot prevail.  For each incursion of darkness is simultaneously bringing about greater light, due to the presence of light carried upon the darkness.

This cosmic battle between light and darkness is little known and little understood by those whose consciousness is polarized within physical reality.  But it is very well known by those in the realms of light who have long watched the forces of darkness attempt to overpower both planetary bodies and the souls who live upon them in an effort to gain control of these souls and to expand their own realm of darkness.  Nevertheless, however successful they may be on a temporary level, they cannot be successful in the long term, for the light will always be stronger than the darkness, and it is God's intention, born before time began, to ensure the victory of the forces of light.

The means to this end is multi-leveled.  It takes place through the devotion of souls to the purposes of light and through their anchoring light within their consciousness and physical bodies.  It takes place through the infusion from higher dimensions of energies of light that can uplift, support, and help to stabilize the physical dimension of the Earth.  And it takes place through the victory of the Christ mission and consciousness which embodies within the planetary darkness in order to further the purposes of light and to redeem and transform that which would otherwise be lost.

These multiple factors are all gathered together, today, to celebrate the expansion of greater light upon the planet.  At the threshold of the new, in the moment prior to birth that shall give rise to a new manifestation of the long-awaited light, all is now ready. The way has been prepared within the minds and hearts of many, and for those who are not consciously participating in this cosmic drama, their own anchoring of light can also be of help to the planetary being, even though they have no awareness of what is taking place.

In the next moment of time, this transformation shall be visible within the planetary sphere, and the darkness that the Earth has known for millennia shall henceforth be prevented from seizing power upon the Earth.  Though events will need to play themselves out for an additional period of time while the power of darkness to create these events is successively diminished, the end is nevertheless here.  For there is an inherent limitation in how far the manifestation of darkness can go, now, in the direction of disruption and dismantling of the efforts of light upon the Earth.  There is an inherent limitation in the degree to which the heart of humanity can be usurped by the forces of darkness, for this heart has already been infused by a new light that is causing a profound change in consciousness.

Blessed be this moment of God's victory in light.  May it be felt upon the Earth and within all beings as the triumph of love, and may peace and love come to the Earth at last.


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Julie Redstone





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