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December 11, 2007



The root meaning of 'Satyagraha', according to Mahatma Gandhi, was the force of truth or the soul-force that underlay the philosophy and practice of non-violent resistance.  This force could move mountains and set men free. Today, the challenges of life ask us to more firmly hold onto the force of truth within us so that we may stand aligned with the peoples of the world who are suffering, and with the earth itself that is in great need.


This Newsletter comes to you by way of inspiration following Al Gore's moving speech as he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway. It may read as well in print, but here are two links (Part I, Part II) to the video version.  No matter how awake you are to the issues involved in global warming, the speech may stir in you a moral fervor that is both timely and necessary. 

Secondly, in relation to the future of the earth, I offer you these articles that were written during the past year so that you can know and feel the planetary Being as alive and real, and as entering a new phase of evolutionary awareness and experience.  The present climate crisis and the voices that arise in relation to this may be considered both a warning and a herald of a new consciousness that is emerging and will emerge even more strongly as light increases upon the earth.

The Sacred Eartj

Transformation of the Living Earth

The Hand and the Glove - A New Relationship With the Earth

The Changing Nature of Physical Reality

For those interested, there are many more articles on transformation and the future of the earth on the Light Omega website.

At this time, may we commit ourselves to standing with others and with the earth more firmly and more knowingly in hope, in love, and in trust, that we may learn to love and nurture the rest of life.  

With great love, Julie



The purpose of Light Omega is to bring us all into greater planetary consciousness with awareness of the suffering of others and with a willingness to remain awake to the challenges, dangers, and possibilities we face today.

Julie Redstone





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