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April 5, 2008



To change the world, we must become what we want it to be..


There are places in the world that are considered by many to be not only political but moral troublespots, ones in which the heart wishes to alter conditions for the people who are suffering or repressed, but where the problems seem too large, or solutions too complex, for individuals to know how they may help.    

Such is the situation with China, which for many individuals and nations presents a moral dilemma in terms of how to manage relationships.  Currently, as the Beijing Olympics approach this summer, there are many who would rather see the games moved to another location or boycotted as a statement of disapproval of recent Chinese reprisals toward Tibetan protesters, and of disapproval toward the Chinese appropriation of Tibetan land in general.  

These would be a few for whom the subject of China is a deeply troubling one, one that has stirred heated debate for decades.  After years of discussion within national, international, and private circles, there is still no convergence among individuals or nations about what to do.  The United States, as well as other democratic governments, appears to try to walk two thin lines - that of offering some measure of objection against ongoing Chinese domestic policies which include recorded and unrecorded human rights violations, the imprisonment of political prisoners, and the restriction of individual freedoms for many, while at the same time desiring to increase trade benefits and make use of the vast consumer market that China possesses. In fact, economic incentives for U.S. corporations who do business with China have increased dramatically in recent years, as more and more of American production has been outsourced.

For sensitive souls, the problem of China is one of many that are central to the heart and to the sense of helplessness that many carry about the world situation.  Indeed, there is often a source of bewilderment about how to change this and other situations from their present status.

A spiritual methodology that seeks to change consciousness as a way of affecting Chinese leadership and policy may be considered by many too visionary, too slow, or too abstract to contemplate, and the way toward such a shift too mysterious and unknown.  For this reason, among ordinary people, more modest means are often chosen:

1) the boycotting of goods made in China through personal practices in making purchases,

2) the support of human rights organizations and programs that seek to influence governments, legislators, and legislation that has an effect on trade policy with China

3) the monitoring of  news sources that watch over worldwide human rights violations and other subjects that mainstream media largely ignore.

For the most part, we are not hopeful about changing consciousness as a way of directly affecting political change, and so we choose the smaller steps – steps which are valuable in themselves, yet which often address only the symptoms of a problem rather than the causes.  In order to address the causes, we must deal with consciousness, for here is where the point of power lies in creating lasting change.

A change in consciousness involves the alteration of motivational patterns that give rise to unwanted beliefs, feelings, or behaviors.  In the case of governments, such a change would affect the fundamental ways of thinking of those in power so that restriction of individual freedom would no longer be held as an option, but rather replaced by the desire for maximum self-determination for all. 

Whether kings, elected officials, military leaders, or dictators, from a spiritual perspective, those who oppress others would find themselves experiencing  an awakening of the heart and spirit, and new perspectives would come into play. This is consciousness change as it directly affects human affairs.

It is toward this end that some who are spiritually inclined, meditate on behalf of the world.  They do this silently, invisibly, in order to bring more light into the collective network of human consciousness.  It is also why, today, with the advent of greater spiritual light on the Earth, the opportunity exists to more profoundly affect world conditions.  This can happen because of the presence of light and its capacity to awaken new values and perceptions. Through the power of increased light, and through collective inner work, those who join together today can affect the quality of human awareness in ways that were not possible before.

Such a consciousness shift is the single most effective means of changing the world.  Indeed, it is in the air today, moving governments, peoples, and potential leaders to new levels of inspiration and hope.

Changing consciousness moves humanity forward toward new perspectives. 

It creates new desires and new wishes. 

It allows a new breath to move through old views and perceptions and opens the way of relating to life so that more identification with others can take place.  

It heals the wish to exploit others, and replaces this with respect for life and for the rule of law.

Changing the consciousness of the world is an inner effort that begins with oneselfs.

Where there is judgment, we must seek to replace it with tolerance and respect.

Where there is anger, we must seek forgiveness.

Where there is prejudice, we must seek a recognition of the common humanity of man.

Where there is separation, we must seek joining and the embrace of love for all.

As we seek all of these things, we bring into our hearts and minds an energy and thought pattern that becomes part of collective awareness - part of the network of light and life that connects us all. 

To change the world, we must become what we want it to be.

Human consciousness is crying out, today, at the travesties that take place at the hands of one human being toward another. It is crying out at the murder of innocents, the forced exile of large populations due to ethnic 'cleansing', the killing of children whose only crime was to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

We must ask ourselves how steady our belief is that consciousness can change.  And having answered this, we must follow with another question which is whether we are willing to become what we wish others to be. 

If we are willing, if we see non-participation in human suffering as no longer an option, then we must seek a way to take the next step forward within ourselves.  We must become planetary citizens.

Today, the call has gone out for all who care for the Earth and her inhabitants to do just this – to become  citizens of the Earth.  Shall we heed this call and step forward into the task of active participation in consciousness change?

This is a choice that each must make in their own heart, based on the maximum truth and honesty that is possible to gather together.  If we say "no" to planetary life, we reinforce the status quo.  If we say "yes," we become agents of consciousness change in the greatest adventure of our day – the adventure of planetary transformation, now taking place.

May all beings recognize their importance to this great, planetary venture.  May all beings be blessed.


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