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May 17, 2008



Compassion is a powerful agent of change.  It allows us to transmit love and light energetically to every part of the world and thereby to raise the consciousness of that part. 


Events during the past two weeks have brought to the world's attention the results of two natural catastrophes of great proportions, involving the deaths in both places of tens of thousands of people.  Many of us have felt moved by the news coverage; helpless, sad, or grieving in the face of so much tragedy; and concerned about the Myanmar government's refusal to allow in foreign aid. 

Now, the aid picture in Myanmar has softened somewhat and international help is being let in on a limited basis, but we are left with the question of what this all means.  What does it mean for the earth, and what does it mean for ourselves?

The process of purification that the earth is going through involves a releasing of energies through her atmosphere,   through her oceans, and also through the upper layer of crust that surrounds the inner core.  As with individual purification, energies releasing can often erupt with great intensity, causing hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes.  There are many ways for the earth to release formerly bound energy. 

We are left with a divided heart as we witness this process.  On the one hand, a part of the heart that acknowledges the larger significance of what is happening for the earth understands this in terms of Divine timing and purpose.  On the other, our participation in human suffering involves us, if we are awake, with the suffering of all who are affected most intimately by these catastrophes.  With an awakened conscience and an awakened heart, we feel both things.

What is less apparent, however, is that tragedies and catastrophes that affect vast numbers of people are a Divine call to us.  They are a call to join in unity with the human family - to recognize our oneness with our planetary brothers and sisters.  While the news coverage is active and those suffering are everyday before our eyes, having lost mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, we feel close to them and imagine the unimaginable – what if that were to happen here – to me?  Yet after the news coverage has died down and after the cameras are no longer rolling, this is the time when we must involve ourselves with compassion of a more permanent kind, the kind that aligns itself with the wellbeing of the world's population whether the camera's eye is holding it before us or not.  In this regard, how many of us are still  'tuned in' to what is happening in Indonesia following the tsunami there in December, 2006.  Do we know what suffering still prevails?  A similar question may be asked regarding Darfur which is currently not a focus of news, and of New Orleans.  Do we know what the current status is for New Orleanians more than two and one half years after Hurricane Katrina?

The purification of the earth is being brought about by forces of light that are raising the vibration of the planetary body as well as the collective consciousness so that a new way of life can come into being.  We are part of this new way if we choose to be, and one of the ways that we can choose to be is through the compassion of our hearts.

Compassion is a powerful agent of change.  It allows us to transmit love and light energetically to every part of the world and thereby to raise the consciousness of that part.  Compassion allows us to bring strength to those who have suffered and are faltering, and to bring hope to those who are hopeless.  We do not need to know individual persons who have lived through the recent events in Myanmar and Sichuan Province in China for this to be true.  It becomes true because the heart's energy can be transmitted directly through the network of light that we are part of, to the hearts of those who are affected in both areas.

The result of purification will be an illuminated earth, one that vibrates at a higher frequency of light and that is no longer separate from the higher dimensions of light – one whose consciousness has been purified of all elements that do not resonate with love and whose outward manifestation is peace.

Let us therefore say a prayer for the earth at this time and for her people, that those who are suffering may be uplifted by God's love and grace, and that we, ourselves, may learn how to hold compassion as a permanent element in our hearts, long after the cameras have closed up shop and gone away.


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Julie Redstone


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