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August 13, 2008



"South Ossetia and Georgia's Black Sea region of Abkhazia broke away from Georgia after fighting wars against Tbilisi in the 1990s. Both have financial and political support from Moscow and the vast majority of locals have Russian citizenship."  Reuters, Aug. 5, 2008.


Sudden breaking news regarding Russia's invasion of the separatist regions of South Ossetia (pop. 50-70,000) and Abkhazia, and of its incursion into Georgian territory beyond these two locations, has recently created a sense of crisis and confusion for much of the world. 

Analysts on the international scene have speculated about Russian motives including: 1) An assertion of control over former satellites of the Soviet Union which continue to have significant ties to Russia.  Movement against Georgia is seen, in this context, to have ramifications for other former satellite nations as well, 2) Control over the transit routes for energy supplies in that part of the world.  Several of these routes move through Georgia.   3) A mistrust of Georgia's friendship with the West and of its present government and policies, especially toward South Ossetia, where many feel more aligned with Russia than with Georgia.

However we view the recent crisis and no matter who we hold to be its initiator, it is generally helpful to look not only at the specific content of such a situation to understand what is going on, but also at its energetic and emotional meta-message for a view of a different kind.

If we do, the things we may see are the following:

1) That fear has been created, not only on the part of Georgians, but also where a sense of order and of mutual understanding was more present between the U.S. and Russia.  This fear was articulated in specific ways by observers, namely, that a new 'cold war' with Russia may be in the making.  However, fear may also be viewed as just 'fear' - an energy that governs emotion and decision-making.  It causes both individuals and nations to act out of harmony with their best interests and is in direct contrast to the harmonization and mutual cooperation that is concurrently taking place as the Olympic venue continues. 

The creation of fear, based on the unforeseen outcome of any given conflict, is one of the generating purposes of energies that resist the expansion of light on a global level.  Such fear replaces light-filled motives with others that are more related to responding to perceived threat.

2) That an assertion of counter-force by President Bush, who claimed that such action on Russia's part could not be tolerated within the twenty-first century, met the assertion of power on Russia's part with the assertion of counter-power.  Though no specific military intervention was suggested as a possibility or invoked, President Bush in a strongly worded statement implied that the U.S. would, if needed, do what was necessary to stop Russia from encroaching on the rights of its former satellites.  Here, the assertion of power to be used in a unilateral way, if need be, was not stated but implied.  This position would, if followed through, escalate both the sense of fear and the level of conflict between Russia and the U.S.

3) Finally, commentators across the board have pointed to the fact that Russia's action against a smaller nation for purposes of control harkens back to her former stance during the time of the 'cold war', when Russia's dominance and need to control the smaller nations which surrounded her was well-established. This 'regressive pull', manifested in the reassertion of former patterns of control,  can reflect, on a planetary level, the presence of a 'national ego,' and on an individual level, the presence of one's personal ego.  Such responses may be viewed as part of internal resistance to the expansion of light, arising when the ego feels in danger of losing control.  Resistance of this kind is not uncommon during personal purification, nor is it uncommon during planetary purification.  It involves a regressive gravitational movement, fueled by energies which seek not cooperation and the interests of all, but the interests of the self and the interests of remaining in power.  

To the extent that we are able to view world events within the context of planetary purification, we will see within many existing dramas, manifestations of the conflict between energies of light and darkness, of expansion and contraction.  While such energies may not be intimately known to us, we can gain some measure of their presence if we view our own feelings in relation to the changing circumstances on the world stage.  

Upon this stage, we are currently witnessing the unfoldment of God's plan for the expansion of light on Earth, and this expansion continues despite counterforces that would limit it.  We need to have faith in the outcome of this movement forward, while at the same time holding a prayer in our hearts for the sanctification of the Earth and for the release of all forces, motives, attitudes, and feelings that would diminish or interfere with God's plan in any way.  Amen. 


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