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Sept. 4, 2008



The karma of a location is based on much more than negative actions of the past.  It is also based on the current planetary upheaval, releasing energies from the Earth along points of vulnerability.  


The awakened heart responds on multiple levels to the presence of a natural disaster and its effect on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.  The sheer magnitude of a crisis involving displacement of families, loss of life and property, and the general anxiety and distress that accompany an unpredictable situation become part of our collective awareness, no matter where it occurs, but especially if such a disaster occurs close to home.

It is easy to wonder, under such circumstances, why such events happen in a particular location, and especially in light of Hurricane Gustav following almost three years to the day on the heels of Hurricane Katrina, why it happens twice to the same communities and the same locale.

One answer given by a listener responding on a radio talk show was that the city of New Orleans had called this upon itself, due to its departure from right living.  This is the answer that most people associate with ‘karma,’ namely, that you reap what you sow – often perceived as a direct equivalence, even when the specific cause is unknown.

This kind of view of punishment coming to a group of hundreds of thousands of people because of something they did, or their parents did, or their ancestors did in the past, is a simplistic view of karma.  It contains a partial truth, that is, the truth that souls choose, for their own reasons, to live in certain locations and so they choose to participate in the karma of that location and the events that it brings.  However, the karma of a location is much more than the accumulated negative actions of those who have lived there in times past.  It contains that element, but it also contains the element of planetary upheaval, bringing to bear energies that have been sheathed within the inner layers of the Earth, now coming to the surface and affecting the crust of the Earth as well as the atmospheric conditions above the Earth’s surface.  These releasing energies form patterns of their own, and discharge along lines of an energy grid that is more noticeable to those who understand the Earth’s sacred geometry, than it is to the average person. 

The planetary grid contains points on it that are especially vulnerable to the release of energy from below, that is, from the Earth’s inner core, and such points can be the locale for repeated earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, or other violent weather patterns. 

There are also points on the planetary grid that are more effective transmitters of light from the higher dimensions of Spirit to the rest of the Earth, and these locations have a special part to play in the Earth’s transition into a new consciousness.

Sometimes, the point of vulnerability and the point of transmission are the same.  Often, they are different.  The points of vulnerability share qualities in common with the ‘fault lines’ that most are familiar with.  These well-known ‘fault lines’ are defined by the movement of tectonic plates, and result in earthquakes as well as non-visible seismic activity.   Less familiar are other kinds of ‘fault lines’ that exist - points of vulnerability around the globe that allow certain areas to be vulnerable to  more intense degrees of energetic discharge and turbulence.

Such is the case with some of the Gulf states and with the city of New Orleans.  The individual history of the city has contained a mixture of light and darkness as have many other cities.  Yet, no matter what shade of gray we attribute to it, the karmic picture cannot be limited to a ‘day of judgment’ perspective without sacrificing a large portion of truth. 

Karma is complex, and why souls undergo suffering, whether individual or collective, is complex.  We must be careful not to rush to a simplistic version of truth when suffering comes upon a nation, a community, or a people, for in doing so, we run the risk of losing our compassion in the presence of harsh judgment. 

Rather it is important to align with the healing function of karma, for all karmic events are meant to heal, and to side with God’s compassion for the world and desire to bring it into wholeness, rather than with the projection onto God of a punitive intent. 

A heart that searches for truth in the presence of love will come up with the highest real truth that it is capable of discerning.  A heart that searches for truth without love and with a willingness to judge, will often come up with a partial truth and think it to be the whole, thereby creating a new falsehood.  In relation to the karma of New Orleans, truth wedded to love allows us to remain in our compassion, deeply wanting to alleviate the suffering of our fellow human beings, while knowing that this suffering is part of a greater plan for the Earth that is, at present, liberating great forces of change.  


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