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Sept. 13, 2008



Prayers for America are greatly needed at this time as the presidential election draws closer and as campaign rhetoric on both sides becomes more heated.  Where anger and derision hold sway, there, forces of darkness can gain an easy foothold to defeat the purposes of light and of upliftment of a nation and a people. 

America needs our prayers.  She needs each person who cares, to pray for the light to be revealed within the heart of each of the presidential candidates and also within the American public.  For the tenor of the public debate currently taking place could not be what it is if the American people were determined to have it be different.  As long as we are enthralled by a ‘good fight’, fighting is what we will see.  And as long as we judge strength by the force and success of combativeness, whether outright or through innuendo, we will reduce our leaders to the lowest common denominator.

There are many forces of negativity that are at work during the current campaign season – forces that would divide parties, divide the country, create fear within us so that one section of the populace feels threatened by another. As we witness these forces of division at work and the fear that is generated in their presence, we must be careful to neither succumb to the anger of criticism and accusation, nor the fear that is based on mistrust and on seeing only dreaded outcomes.  Rather, we must remain in a place of love and trust that light will ultimately hold sway over darkness, and that America’s future is therefore secure, no matter what the outcome of this election. It is this love and trust that can act as an antidote to fear, and it needs to remain with us during a stormy ride that promises to become even stormier.

In addition to remaining anchored within trust, we need also to tune our hearts and our ears to listen for the sound of truth – for the feeling of truth.  For much that is said by one or another in this campaign season partakes of only partial truth, and some of what is said may be entirely false.  At a time when advertising, soundbites, patriotic fervor, and accusations of one to the other are meant to sway our emotions and alter our thinking, we must be courageous enough and confident enough in our heart’s discernment to always be listening and looking for the deeper layers of truth and rejecting the shallower.

There are many things to be concerned about during this election year, and many scenarios that flit through the mind’s eye that we would rather avoid.  There is also the presence of greater hope for us, for a future that can be transformative and liberating.  As we pray, we must pray for our own hearts and conscience as well as for that of the American people, so that we remain united in love and truth, and so that the emotional currents of the moment that divide and separate are seen for what they are, no more and no less.

May the light of God that shines through all planes and dimensions shine into every heart at this time, bringing a great illumination to the people of this country as they prepare to exercise their sacred right to vote and  to elect a new President of the United States.  Amen.


If you have not done so already, please consider saying aloud the Invocations, in whole or in part, at the beginning of  ‘One World Meditations’ or regularly throughout the week. These prayers and invocations are powerful, and join each individual and group prayer with those beings of light praying within the Realms of Light for the future of America.


To learn more about the spiritual purpose of nations and the role of each in the spiritual economy of the Earth, see Prayers for America - The Family of Nations within the Sacred World Newsletter.  This article conveys the role of the Realms of Light in this current electoral season.


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