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October 24, 2008



Election 2008, no matter what its outcome, is a pivotal marker in time, for the power of light from this point forward will increasingly be capable of determining not only ideas that individuals hold, but courses of action that governments must hold in order to reflect trends supported by the incoming energies of light.


In most cases, we do not think of an election as a spiritual event but as a political event.  Yet, in many instances this is not a correct perception.  For elections can bring forth the energy of a new candidate, a new attitude within government, and a new orientation in life, all of which can reflect and invite a change in spiritual values.  They can set other predispositions aside, thereby influencing not only government policy, but also collective consciousness.


The presidential election of November 4, 2008, even more than most, is an example of the joining of the spiritual and the political, for it is an election that marks the transition to a new, transformative energy that has the possibility for altering our national life and awareness.  This new energy is already in play within the national sphere, having to do with the values of unity, cooperation, love and respect for all, and the sense of personal responsibility within a greater Whole. In a spiritual sense, these energies are not just the possession of one candidate, but are ‘in the air’, and speak to the changing times we live in. 


As the Earth moves into a higher vibration of spiritual light, so, too, do the values of unity and cooperation come to the fore, and the embracing of a non-combative, inclusive approach to resolving human dilemmas.  These are both precursors and essential ingredients of the consciousness shift that is arriving – a shift which will bring such values to a new level of depth and understanding.  They underlay the movements that are taking place, everywhere, toward spiritual awakening and spiritual truth.


Energies of love and unity supported by the Realms of Light are often opposed by counter-forces which seek to dismiss, dismantle, and disempower them.  As a result, those who advocate and embody the new, often have to face the challenge of counter-forces which place significant obstacles in their path.  This is true on an individual level, and it is also true within the national arena.  Nevertheless, political leaders who reflect the emerging principles of light can catalyze a movement of awareness that accelerates the process of transformation and change.  They can play a pivotal role in the speed and ease with which energies become manifested within the physical and material world.


Election 2008 is an illustration of forces for change and oppositional forces present in a large way.  And yet the forces for change are the stronger.  They have already created a new element in the tableau of American history, enabling the first African-American to become a candidate for the presidency of the United States.  This is a huge accomplishment for national awareness.  It reflects the healing power of forces of unity and love over forces of division and prejudice.  Though the battle is not over, this triumph cannot be undone.  It represents a great healing for America’s past and a significant step into her future. 


Election 2008, no matter what its outcome, is also a pivotal marker in time, for the power of light from this point forward will increasingly be capable of determining not only ideas that individuals hold, but courses of action that governments must hold in order to reflect trends supported by the incoming energies of light.  Though this infusion of light may not immediately be apparent on the world stage due to counter-forces at work, it will nevertheless successfully enable new structures to emerge on the social and political level, and a new consciousness within society as a whole.


What can you do to help the process move forward?  Election 2008 will serve the purposes of God and light and will be supported by those in the Realms of Light who are watching over the Earth and over the future of America.  No matter what the outcome, you can have faith that what will emerge will serve the higher purposes of God for the Earth as a whole, helping to bring about a society grounded in the foundational principles of unity and love. 


In addition to going to the polls on Election Day, you can also hold your consciousness firmly in the place of hope and confident expectation that no matter what external circumstances we may have to deal with, the triumph of light, truth, and spiritual awakening is assured.


Holding consciousness firmly in these ways undermines the power of fear to affect collective awareness and of darkness to influence the future outcome of events.  Also, allowing yourself to become more spiritually anchored in whatever way seems natural to you, strengthens the vibration of light since it places the center of your awareness and emotional life not in the hands of external events, but in the hands of your own sense of deeper truth. 


This is a significant moment in American history and we are here to observe and honor it.  It is significant politically, socially, energetically, and spiritually.  May it serve the purposes of the highest Light and the wellbeing of all souls, everywhere.


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The purpose of Light Omega is to bring us all into greater planetary consciousness with awareness of the suffering of others and with a willingness to remain awake to the challenges, dangers, and possibilities we face today.

Julie Redstone






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