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October 31, 2008



We are one living organism - one shared fabric of life and light existing within the matrix of physical matter.  We look, speak, act, think as if we are separate, when, indeed, everything we do has a consequence for all others.


We are told and know from the time that we are very little, that living in a free country and having the right to vote is a precious gift, something that should never be taken for granted.  We know that our right to vote has been paid for in blood, sweat, and tears, and sometimes we know that our individual vote makes a difference.

Sometimes we do not know this, though.  We think that we do not matter.  We think that we are just one person, and the sum total of human beings within a country or within the world is so large that it is unimaginable how one vote can make a difference.  Sometimes, we do not cast our vote because of this feeling of insignificance. 

Next week on Election Day, how we view the importance of our political vote will be demonstrated by our going to the polls and placing our ballot in a box, or by using a touch-sensitive electronic machine to indicate our choices.  We will take action of some sort, to exercise our right to vote as citizens of this country.

In a similar way, we must learn to exercise our spiritual voting power in the world - to understand that our consciousness matters to the greater Whole of which we are a part.  It matters how we hold ourselves, what we think, what we say, what we do.  When we choose to be unconscious, we are choosing to view ourselves as insignificant.  We are choosing to not be aware that we are inextricably connected to others, whether we think of them or not.

Out spiritual vote for consciousness makes a difference.  Our desire to let things matter makes a difference.  Our efforts to live a sacred life makes a difference.  These efforts do not only matter to ourselves alone, they matter to the collectivity of human consciousness of which we are a part.

We are one living organism - one shared fabric of life and light existing within the matrix of physical matter.  We look, speak, act, think as if we are separate, when, indeed, everything we do has a consequence for all others.  We may not see this consequence, but it is there,  rippling out from us into the world of others without our knowing how or why.

This fabric of a life that is joined with others lets us know that we matter, that our vote matters.  We do not have to join a church, temple, or mosque, become active in a social movement, read more books, or improve ourselves in any way that we do not wish to or are not ready for.  What we do need to do is to become conscious – to know beyond doubt that in every moment on earth our thoughts are powerful, our feelings are powerful.  They affect not only our own lives but the lives of others, even without their knowing it.

As we think about voting next week, let us also cast our spiritual vote for consciousness, for being aware that everything we do matters – that we matter to the greater Whole of which we are forever indelibly a part.


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The purpose of Light Omega is to bring us all into greater planetary consciousness with awareness of the suffering of others and with a willingness to remain awake to the challenges, dangers, and possibilities we face today.

Julie Redstone






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