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January 30, 2010



As human beings we understand the need for balance.  Our lives are built, successfully or unsuccessfully, around this understanding.  There is the balance between activity and rest, between being with others and being alone, between having high hopes and dreams and dealing with everyday reality, between giving and receiving. 

These scales of balance operate on the human level. Yet, there are scales of balance on the Divine level as well that have to do with the complementary relationship of two Divine qualities that must exist in harmony.  Freedom and Unity are such complementary qualities.  The first is founded in the ultimate reality of self-determination and freedom of choice that is part of unqualified existence.  The second is founded in love that seeks to create joining with others at all levels in order to manifest the Oneness of all.  This Oneness underlies all existence including individualized existence.

Freedom and Unity as Divine qualities or principles are eternal partners.  They are currents of Divine life in manifestation.  This must be understood in order to strive, within the embodied state, to reach a balance between the two.

America, at present, is struggling with the need to find such a balance.  There are proponents of freedom who feel both out of balance and threatened by the desire of some others to hold Unity and caring for the needs of others through government intervention to be a threat to the principle of freedom.

There are proponents of Unity who also feel that the pursuit of individual freedom by some will lead to the demise of individual freedom for others, especially the disenfranchised, and these feel threatened by the clarion call to freedom, now championed by many.

Beneath the commotion of political discourse, debate, controversy, and challenge, exist these two Divine currents that motivate the heart of a people.  The desire for freedom, and the desire for unity are both at the foundation of America's political and spiritual life.  Neither can operate to the exclusion of the other.  Both must be in balance in order for the high ideals of democracy to be realized.

Because of the input of negative energies that would perpetuate and enlarge the arena of  conflict and discord within the political landscape, it can seem that no agreement between political parties, opposing views, or groups that differ can ever be reached.  Such a polarization of perspectives, however, is being reinforced by those forces that would keep America from becoming unified.

It is important at this time to know and to understand that division and threat between differing points of view is based on fear, and that the balance between the two currents of freedom and unity is not only possible but necessary if America is going to continue to meet the challenges of this time.

Each of us in our own inner consciousness can contribute to the restoration of balance by holding an understanding that the unfification of seemingly opposite points of view is possible.  We can remain out of fear and believe in cooperation.  And, more importantly, we can believe that there is a higher purpose which seeks to manifest through both the action of government and the action of people, namely, to bring freedom and unity into balance while preserving the essential qualities of democracy that are at the core of this country's existence.



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