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February 26, 2010



Often, what looks like a discussion or debate about a particular subject has roots that go far deeper than the focus of the discussion, and energies that influence the ways in which it will turn out. These energies of light and darkness have a profound influence on discussions of all kinds, affecting the tenor of the discussion and making or hindering progress toward the resolution of differences.


The ‘Health Care Summit’ of February 25, 2010 may have been historic in its conception as a televised discussion between the President and members of Congress.  Whether it is historic in its outcome will be written on the pages of history.  For the apparent stalemate between differing points of view did not find a place of conciliation, though each ‘side’ got to state their views in fuller measure before the American public than perhaps they had before.  Nevertheless, the discussion presented us with a tableau of critical issues that run to the core of what we conceive of as America.  When speaking of health care or health care reform, we are also speaking of:

1) the ‘free-market economy’ and what we feel about the virtues or liabilities of this aspect of our collective life.

2) the role of competition in such an economy and whether this is a good thing or whether it leads to greed and an excessive piling of wealth at the top of a pyramid.

3) the question of individual choice and the nature of representation.  What is representation?  Is an individual less free if they allow representatives that speak for a larger group of which they are part to make decisions that concern them?

4) the welfare of the ‘welfare system’, namely, what is our responsibility to the poor?

5) in addition to the poor, what responsibility do we have to each other versus to ourselves and our immediate families?

Infusing this discussion are energies of light and darkness which have a great deal to do with the outcome.

Energies of light which contain love, unify.  They promote compromise, cooperation, concern, conciliation.  (The world of ‘C’s).  Energies of darkness divide.  They create fear, suspicion, mistrust, self-protection, and self-centeredness based on fear.   Whether a discussion can lead to compromise and conciliation has a great deal to do with the level of trust that can be placed in the ‘other’, and the willingness to see things from the ‘other’s’ point of view.  Thus, they are greatly influenced by negative energies.

Within the ‘health care summit’, energies that negate love and unity were present in the following positions or perspectives which often reflected extreme mistrust:

1) mistrust – that the ‘other’ will create a policy based on run-away government spending with indifference to the accumulation of debt.  This presumes that the ‘other’ does not care about or cares less about such things

2) mistrust – in the legislative process.  Essentially, that it is stuck in a mire of intractable and opposing points of view with no way out. This leads to a desire to circumvent the legislative process.  (Since writing the first draft of this newsletter, I see that CNN is promoting several programs on “Broken Government.”  Just the repeated use of this title creates a sense of mistrust, similar to the phrase “war on terrorism” which changed the course of our history.)

3) mistrust – that the ‘other’ will sabotage the basic structure of the ‘free market economy’ by creating radical health care reform that influences (according to one quoted statistic) 17% of that economy

4) mistrust -  that ‘socialism’ will come to replace the free-market economy if health-care reform is allowed to take place on such a large scale.

5) mistrust – that an individual’s basic right to choose how they wish to live is at stake in the health care reform proposals.

Of these various layers of mistrust, the suspected danger to personal freedom and to the free-market economy are perhaps the largest, though mistrust of the legislative process is also quite high.

Energies of darkness are presently influencing the outcome of every debate and every media presentation concerning social, political, and economic change in this country.  These energies amplify and strengthen the degree of suspicion, fear, and mistrust that exist within people’s hearts.  Such suspicions may have a foundation in reality, but pushed to an extreme, they obliterate any hope that compromise or amelioration is possible. 

Here, we are witnessing the effect of purification on a national level. Purification, activated by the power of spiritual light, brings formerly concealed or dormant energies more into focus in order to be finally absorbed into the greater light of the Divine.  What is important during this transition is to be able to witness such phenomena without becoming part of them, and without relinquishing hope.  This is important on all levels, knowing that as much as purification may reveal dark energies to our individual and collective awareness, it will also expand our capacity for holding light and truth.

Let us pray that all may stand in the light of love and trust as this process continues.  May the light of love remain with our government leaders as decisions continue to be made about health care and other major matters of national concern.


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A new day is dawning today, a new time for our planet. Our purpose is joined with the purposes of Divine light everywhere - to advance the consciousness shift that is already underway and to bring light, love, and healing to a waiting Earth. 

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