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March 20, 2010



The following was not written especially for the Spring Equinox but it might as well have been since it is about the unfoldment of the new - something that the Equinox brings into manifestation more fully.  It is also about the human heart and its transition into a Divine heart.  Namaste and Blessings. I Am You.


Spring has come early to New England after a Winter that was less cold with fewer big snowstorms than usual, if there is a usual anymore.  Now, the snow covering has almost melted, many birds have already arrived back from their Winter sojourn, and people’s spirits are lifting with the warmer weather.

I happened to have a brief conversation with someone yesterday morning about the weather – someone who expressed her delight that Spring was already here and the birds were singing.  When I said that my concern was for what this warmer weather meant for the rest of the planet in terms of global warming, she stopped speaking for several moments, appeared to not know what to say, and then went on to talk about something else.

We cannot know in these days what ‘normal’ weather patterns are.  We cannot know if a particular warmer Winter and an earlier Spring are part of the normal cycle of fluctuating temperatures, or if the pattern has been permanently altered.  And yet we can observe the trends. We can listen and hear the truth of the Earth.  And we can know when things feel different.  We know, and often do not let ourselves know.  Why not enjoy the warmer weather when it is here?  Why not enjoy the rain that falls on a formerly parched landscape?  Why not enjoy the sunny days that are more frequent in a normally overcast sky?

There is one answer to these questions that is larger than all others, and that is that “I am You.”  For every bird that sings in my yard when Spring comes early, someone, somewhere is losing their livelihood because the fish are disappearing.  For every drop of rain that cools a land that has been perpetually dry, some reef beneath the ocean is losing its inhabitants.  For every smile of every sunbather who sits outdoors on a warm March day, completely immersed in the sunshine, someone, somewhere is taking up their belongings and moving to another town, or city, or location because there is no longer work that the sea provided.  This is especially true within coastal villages in island locations such as Timor, New Guinea, the Seychelles, and elsewhere. 

We do not know how many lives are being affected by weather pattern changes due to global warming.  We do not know how many anxious nights are being spent wondering how to provide food for a family, now that the fish, or the crabs, or the mussels, or the algae are no longer thriving in colonies.  We only know that we have a choice as to whether we enjoy the warmth, the sun, and the rain for ourselves, or whether we feel the impact on the Earth and on her people – the impact of what is happening.

When someone says to me: “It’s only mid-March and the birds are singing,” referring to a place where this normally does not happen till three or four weeks later at best,  I think: “It takes only a one degree rise, centigrade, for an entire species to be wiped off the face of the Earth because its habitat and the existing food chain relationships will have changed due to that one degree shift.”    I think: “one degree, or two, or three can mean the difference between survival and non-survival for a family of four on land that used to produce enough because the soil was well-nourished,  that now no longer does because the micro-organisms needed for food production are not present in abundance.”

I AM YOU.  I am always You.  I am forever You.  There is nothing that happens to me that can be separate from who You are and where You are.

As the Earth changes, I am part of the Earth changing.  I am her pain right now as she struggles to heal herself.  I will be part of her renewal later on as people understand that I AM YOU applies to the Earth as well.

When anyone asks you or if you yourself ask about the Ascension Process that the planet is in, or what fifth-dimensional consciousness is, or what will happen in 2012, point them in the direction of “I AM YOU.” It is the new and sacred consciousness that is arriving within our awareness.  It is arriving for all of us, and most poignantly on the shores of islands in danger of disappearing, whose very survival depends upon our willingness to embrace this consciousness.



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A new day is dawning today, a new time for our planet. Our purpose is joined with the purposes of Divine light everywhere - to advance the consciousness shift that is already underway and to bring light, love, and healing to a waiting Earth. 

Julie Redstone




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