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April 17, 2010



A new Earth is coming into being, and we are seeing the process of transition as the Earth purifies and releases energies that were formerly bound.

The sequence of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and weather changes since January of this year is an effect of a releasing process that is taking place within the Earth, both physically and spiritually.  We are accustomed to thinking of the body as physical and the spirit as something else, but in reality, spiritual energies cross all dimensions and are included within the physical matrix.  As a result, when these energies are released as a consequnece of expanding spiritual light, physical consequences result as well as spiritual.  From this we learn:

There is no separation between the spiritual and the physical and this becomes more apparent in the presence of greater light.

Spiritual light is affecting the energy releasing from the inner Earth through the movement of the tectonic plates which form the Earth's physical body.  These energies released as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes were housed within the Earth's body in the same way that the human body houses emotional energies within its organs and tissues. 

In relation to purification, what has been embedded and fused with the physical body is loosened in the presence of spiritual light, to be transformed and released through the outer conscioiusness in order to set the being free.  This applies to human beings and it applies to the Earth herself.

In relation to the many who are painfully affected by the Earth's purification, no matter what we understand about it, we must hold the human suffering and loss with love, compassion and a desire to offer healing and comfort.  We must also recognize that each soul who is here chose to be here at this time to go through this process.  Often, in the presence of great suffering, that is the hardest thing of all to understand.

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A new day is dawning today, a new time for our planet. Our purpose is joined with the purposes of Divine light everywhere - to advance the consciousness shift that is already underway and to bring light, love, and healing to a waiting Earth. 

Julie Redstone




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