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June 2, 2010


ANOTHER CHANCE FOR THE WORLD - The Gulf Oil Spill and the Israeli Raid

Events that are separate in time and space are often seen as unrelated, especially if their content and focus appear different.  Yet, when viewed from an energetic standpoint, these events may bear much in common.  This is true of the Gulf oil spill and the Israeli raid on the Turkish flotilla.  They are both 'healing events' that are releasing darkness and opening the possibility for the making of new choices.


We tend to view events that are separate in time and space as separate in meaning, especially if their content and focus differ vastly.  This is true, for most, in relation to the Gulf oil Spill and the recent Israeli raid on the flotilla bringing aid to Gaza.  And yet, when looked at from an energetic or consciousness standpoint rather than a physical one, both events may be viewed as ‘healing events’, that is, both are exposing the long-standing darkness and limitations of awareness that our collective consciousness has held within itself, in order that new choices can be made which resonate more with expanding light.

For individual or global purification to proceed and for light to replace darkness, the crossroads of choice must be perceived consciously with the positive intention to make a different choice.

In relation to the Gulf oil spill, not only the immediate situation and how to deal with the unfolding consequences present choice points.  The larger issue of humanity’s relationship to the Earth, to the Earth’s resources, and to its own desire for acquisition at the Earth’s expense need to be brought to the light.  Out of such a shift, new practices would be put into place and greater pains taken to ensure that damage to the Earth’s ecology and structure did not, under any circumstance, take place. This intensified need to care for our relationship to the Earth would be felt as a motivational imperative that would create new policies in relation to off-shore drilling and to the use of the Earth’s resources in general.  Because of the current catastrophe and the cost to our own lives as well as to the Earth’s, we are being led to a crossroads of new perception.  Yet, we are only being led in the direction of re-evaluation.  We are not being compelled.   The choice is ours.  As a result of this event, even now, many are feeling compelled through their pain, to make new choices, to change life as we know it.

A similar situation exists in relation to the current protest and debate about the nature and purpose of the Israeli raid on the international flotilla bringing supplies to Gaza, and the nature and purpose of the Gaza mission itself.  Both are being disputed worldwide, the raid more so than the mission, at present. 

Whether this becomes an investigation of a localized nature or whether it will lead to a re-evaluation of the Gaza blockade and the plight of the Palestinians in general is another crossroads in human consciousness.  Choices can be made in either direction.

World opinion, which is another way of referring to the ‘collective consciousness of mankind’, is being activated by this event in a way that is influenced by expanding light and its function of revealing darkness in order to heal it.  The affront to collective awareness related to the killing of 10 or more civilians aboard the flotilla has expanded into a protest in many nations toward Israel’s disproportionate use of force to protect itself in this and other situations.  Many are protesting not only the methods of the raid but the policies of the blockade.  Egypt has now opened a passage to Gaza that was formerly closed. 

World opinion may generate pressure on the situation to allow for new policies to be put in place by Israel in relation to Gaza.  But whether this happens or not at this time, the activating force of light is energizing a strengthened motivation to eliminate all practices that harm people and life. In this situation, there is the hope for addressing the longstanding darkness that has affected the lives of over a million people in Gaza. We are at a choice point, and the energy of change is leading consciousness in the direction of opening up new possibilities.

These two tragic events – the Gulf oil spill and the Israeli raid on the flotilla, though very different in scope and focus, are illuminating issues in need of healing that have been affected by human darkness and separation.  In both cases, these issues are being brought to the light of consciousness so that new choices can be made.

Though the consciousness of most is directed primarily toward the present dilemma in each situation, the larger issues concerning humanitarian treatment of those in Gaza and caring for the Earth are nevertheless working their way into awareness.  Though the human heart cannot help but feel sorrow that catastrophe or tragedy must be the catalytic agent for change, we can also know that out of this, new choices will ultimately emerge that will liberate mankind to a new level of responsibility for each other and for the Earth.


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A new day is dawning today, a new time for our planet. Our purpose is joined with the purposes of Divine light everywhere - to advance the consciousness shift that is already underway and to bring light, love, and healing to a waiting Earth. 

Julie Redstone




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