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October 18, 2011


The Sacred Nature of the Presidential Office

America was founded through Divine as well as human intention. We have the choice today to participate in that intention by honoring the sacred office of the President, even if we disagree with policies or practices taking place.



It has become quite common in recent decades to feel at great liberty to deride the workings of the presidential office, the Congress, and, less so, the Justice Department.  Most especially, it has become quite common to display cynicism, criticism, and a lack of honoring of institutional structures that were established by spiritual forces present at the founding of America.  These forces, and the realms of Light from which they emanated, instructed those guiding this country’s future in the manner of securing that future and in establishing its democratic values.

There were, then, as there are now, significant departures in consciousness and in behavior from the lofty idealism of the democratic values that were set down at that time.  Nevertheless, they were penned and written on paper as well as within the hearts of men as the just and sturdy foundation for the Republic that was to be.  This Republic would be founded on principle and would grow and evolve in its ability to manifest the ideals that lived at its foundation.

This is the spiritual intent present at the founding of America, and it is a sacred intent having to do with the future of a country and of its contribution to the world.  Yet, today, it is both the public at large as well as those involved in governing who often take liberties in their condemnation of each other and of the three-part structure of government. All, or almost all, appear to have forgotten the sacred nature which surrounded the founding of this country, an event significant in both spiritual history as well as in political and social history.

One can see, everywhere, that reverence for the sacred has become all but lost as a result of the progressive secularization of consciousness, and so it is understandable that today, reverence for the office of the President, or of the Senate or House of Representatives, can also get lost.  Nevertheless, it is important to redeem what has been lost, based on the increasing light that we are capable of holding within our own consciousness.  This light is creating a new foundation for reestablishing values that may have been lost or may not have been able to manifest earlier.  As a result of this light, one may still disagree with presidential policies or practices, yet the Office of the President, established in sacredness for the purpose of serving a higher order, needs to be returned to its place of honor.  We can therefore be deeply respectful of what has been given as part of a Divine order, even if such order has not been able to come into being yet. 

This is the necessity for our time for those who seek to participate with the purposes of Divine intention, namely, to re-consecrate consciousness to the purposes of sacred Intention, even where this Intention has not been able to manifest fully.  If we do this, we participate with the Divine order in its everpresent movement of people and societies toward the inclusion and expansion of greater light.  This movement is happening powerfully today, but there are also powerful forces that seek to maintain the status quo.  If we do not do this, we increase the potency of those forces that would deny the sacred, that benefit from the common atmosphere of criticism and derision that is so pointedly applied to the presidency today.

Your own heart and consciousness is an instrument for change, even if you have little awareness of or involvement with the intricacies of the political scene.  Let your heart be one that honors the sacred and that within your own deeper self, restores to America the spiritual foundation that is rightfully hers.




A new day is dawning today, a new time for the planet. Our purpose is joined with the purposes of Divine light everywhere - to advance the consciousness shift that is already underway, and to bring light, love, and healing to a waiting Earth. 

Julie Redstone




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