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November 28, 2011



Normally, I do not send out notices of new videos created by Light Omega Productions, but in this instance and time in which hope is greatly needed, it seems important that as many people have access to this video as possible. JR





This video was created in conjunction with the Realms of Light who are holding the Divine blueprint and unfoldment of America as she shall be.

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A new day is dawning today, a new time for the planet. Our purpose is joined with the purposes of Divine light everywhere - to advance the consciousness shift that is already underway, and to bring light, love, and healing to a waiting Earth. 

Julie Redstone




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Calendar of Awakening

Creating a bridge to greater soul awareness. 

One World Meditations

A weekly global prayer/meditation to bring light to the Earth while strengthening the capacity of each participant to anchor the consciousness of light.  What is received and what goes forth are the same.

Response of Light

A coordinated worldwide response of sending light and healing to those in need at times of humanitarian crisis or disaster.  Emerging in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, this planetary network of light joins with the Realms of Light to focus intention and love where it is most needed.


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